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  • somethingunreal
    somethingunreal10 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me or in the 2 ads you compared I think they didn’t just say the same thing but the phones are the same - the red backing. Or am I just crazy? Lol

  • Gaming Oracle
    Gaming Oracle12 jam yang lalu

    I think the 4.6 stuff is all psychological, the bots or fake accounts are designed to push to that number for a reason. When I see a product that's 4.6 out of 5 I know it's good, really good but there is definitely enough room left with that 0.4% for it to have issues so if I receive it and it doesn't function correctly my brain will automatically think I'm the unlucky 0.4% who received a faulty product and I'm less likely to say it's a scam unlike if all the reviews where perfect 5 out of 5's. They're conditioning you to the fact you may have an issue and to see that issue as a random occurrence and not the norm, that's my take on it anyway

  • S Moore
    S Moore13 jam yang lalu

    Firstly, I know this is a scam - thanks for the video! But are the misprints in the captions the fault of the makers? Or some kind of auto glitch? And... you mispronounced the word 'mispronunciation'. But, there are thousands and thousands of comments on this video, so you will never see this.

  • A. C.
    A. C.13 jam yang lalu

    It should really be available in a brown colour. 💩💩💩

  • rich b
    rich b14 jam yang lalu

    Dude you literally just saved me $100

  • alkadypod
    alkadypod14 jam yang lalu

    a lot of the Zoomed videos are from the P1000 Nikon

  • Axel
    Axel14 jam yang lalu

    I first heard about quibi when they announced they were closing it

  • Bunge Adedeji
    Bunge Adedeji14 jam yang lalu

    Excellent work. Very grateful.

  • 308328928
    30832892815 jam yang lalu

    They still use stock footage. Damm!

    SHIVAM SHARMA15 jam yang lalu

    Why aren't you in my feed ever! I always have to search your channel!

  • TheVeganHunter
    TheVeganHunter16 jam yang lalu

    Thank you

  • Rich
    Rich16 jam yang lalu

    Hi, good review but when you say 10 x 60 it isn't " X"! It's " Times" x = times when you are referring to magnification

  • Mazzeha
    Mazzeha16 jam yang lalu

    Earned a sub my friend. Good man.

  • Oopsitsdeleted
    Oopsitsdeleted17 jam yang lalu

    Hey everybody, how are you doing? Me: bad. I have several warrents on me and I am in severe deb- Really that's just great!

  • Alex101YT
    Alex101YT17 jam yang lalu

    14:20 he tried to eject when Mac OS loaded

  • Easdon Liddell
    Easdon Liddell17 jam yang lalu

    The advert before this video was for the starscope. 😂

  • Torey Texas
    Torey Texas17 jam yang lalu

    So is there one that is reliable?

  • Lord Adi Perets
    Lord Adi Perets18 jam yang lalu

    Dang most of this was right, they must have been seriously considering type c

  • danish mangunsuwarno
    danish mangunsuwarno19 jam yang lalu

    when i press nox it booms! into bsod but its need to update the nox

  • senatorsmiles
    senatorsmiles19 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if you could open thesis.doc in Microsoft Word 2019...

  • Rick Bergwerff
    Rick Bergwerff20 jam yang lalu

    I got someone else's return and there return papers were in my box. My ice try was open so was the white box it comes in. Plus it's not rechargeable. I don't think there's even a battery in the thing. The product is junk!!!

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston20 jam yang lalu

    Mac OS X and Linux both have kernal panics when they crash because they’re both UNIX based operating systems. This is different from a Blue Screen which is what Windows displays after a crash

  • Vallaeia Springs
    Vallaeia Springs20 jam yang lalu

    ha ha ha ha this made me laugh...thankyou

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston20 jam yang lalu

    Did you know that the Windows XP Bliss hill is real? It’s located in California and nowadays it’s covered in grape vines because it’s near a winery. The picture used for Bliss was taken in 1996 with a digital camera years before the winery was constructed and the grapes were planted. And yes, the Bliss photo predates XP

  • g g
    g g21 jam yang lalu

    So if i don't pay you should i unsubscribe

  • soccerguy2433
    soccerguy243321 jam yang lalu

    Funny the ad on youtube didn't mention the two network engineers at all. It was japanese researchers.

  • philly Fail
    philly Fail21 jam yang lalu

    Now no expert but I would imagine that small of a solar panel can't put out enough juice to bring it above that due to like resistances and heating is what I would imagine it's probably some thermodynamic law I would guess again blowing smoke up my butt right now but that's what I would say

  • Will Scarlett
    Will Scarlett22 jam yang lalu

    Why is IDdown still showing that illegal ad?? 😠😠

  • MikeShotta
    MikeShotta22 jam yang lalu

    I was legit going to order this, since they claimed it was only a one time fee to get unlimited internet, i tought it was going to be a huge fee but id be good but i knew it was too good to be true so thankyou

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather22 jam yang lalu

    Thank alott I almost bought that pice of junk

  • ACactusNamedJosh
    ACactusNamedJosh22 jam yang lalu

    I keep getting these ads while i'm trying to go to the bathroom.

  • Amfear Liathmor
    Amfear LiathmorHari Yang lalu

    I think I paid £40 for a pair of Bresser Diorit 8x56 BAK4 Roof Prism Binoculars at Lidl, which are almost as good as a pair of William Optics 7x50s ED binocular. Starscope Junk.

  • CelBloc 187
    CelBloc 187Hari Yang lalu

    Thanks for the info I was really thinking abt getting one,,, but that’s a no no right now

  • NsxByAcura
    NsxByAcuraHari Yang lalu

    Cab you do a review on the charger called ulti-charger states they can charge up to four or 5 devices in 15mins. I smell another scam coming along thanks Ken. Love your videos. Keep it up

  • Couchpotatochip21
    Couchpotatochip21Hari Yang lalu

    all i can think of is them putting on their website I CAN SEE BULLS FROM 3 MILES AWAY!! -crazy ken, computer clan

  • GD TNT sheep
    GD TNT sheepHari Yang lalu

    Turns out lit mobile hacked scrimzox because both the channel background and icon is what was changed to when scrimzox got hacked

  • Cirilo Valdes
    Cirilo ValdesHari Yang lalu

    Bla bla talk talks

  • Joe Mel
    Joe MelHari Yang lalu

    Thank you so much for this hot tip. Salutations!

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris EdwardsHari Yang lalu

    Everything apple made outside of the iPhone 6 is a scam

  • Jonathan Medrano
    Jonathan MedranoHari Yang lalu

    test actually starts at 11:55

  • Lee Samardzija
    Lee SamardzijaHari Yang lalu

    10x50? Isn't that roughly the same as the average pair of binoculars? If so you are basically buying half of a pair 😂

  • Lee Samardzija
    Lee SamardzijaHari Yang lalu

    The Starscope ad came on when I clicked on this video 🤣

  • Police Blue
    Police BlueHari Yang lalu

    I liked and licked the video.

  • Police Blue
    Police BlueHari Yang lalu

    I submarine lightbulb cocktail

  • DEVAULT'S VAULT • Rick Devault
    DEVAULT'S VAULT • Rick DevaultHari Yang lalu

    Agreed 100%. . I'm grateful to have disputed the purchase over their delayed shipping notifications as I ended up having a full refund. Yet I received the piece of crap regardless. My tests were the same ss yours. So I shoved it in my bug-out bag 😂

  • Howie Grossman
    Howie GrossmanHari Yang lalu

    It doesn’t work I sent it back I received it in three days and sent it back it is like a toy doesn’t really help waste of time and your money

  • bsdims
    bsdimsHari Yang lalu

    Juuuuust saw an ad regarding the CosmicScope, hmmmst. Oh boy, buy it now for $49 when it can be $99 tomorrow! Piss off

  • Benjamin Reyes
    Benjamin ReyesHari Yang lalu

    Does anyone know any good actual mobile wifi devices?? 🕵️‍♂️

  • Ivan Valencia
    Ivan ValenciaHari Yang lalu

    Believe it or not, but, I had a advertisement for the RangeXTD

  • Bob
    BobHari Yang lalu

    so after awhile I renewed my membership (this time I'm gonna keep it going for as long as I can!) as always great video! can't wait for the next one!

  • Christina Leclerc
    Christina LeclercHari Yang lalu

    Question... Is anyone putting together a class action lawsuit for this scam? It pisses me off that I fell for it. I realize Karma is coming after these disgusting slim balls but the law needs to get them too! I’m totally willing to be a part of going after these jerks!!!

  • Yellow Rob
    Yellow RobHari Yang lalu

    that thing looks garbage bro i know you were mad

  • Joe Hannan
    Joe HannanHari Yang lalu

    The star scope is a scam, I paid $140 for one & they sent me 3 cheap Scopes I can't even see 50 yards down the street.A kids telescope is way better. Don't waist your money & besides you will NOT get your money back!! Take it as a loss!

  • Jenny Tokumei
    Jenny TokumeiHari Yang lalu

    $10,000 for a low grade Amiga knock off.

  • jaa999
    jaa999Hari Yang lalu

    This is like google fi, they tell free unlimited data

  • James mckeraghan
    James mckeraghanHari Yang lalu

    I ordered the survival shovel , never received, but was charged shipping through my card about 50 x had to fight with my credit union to stop them scam

  • Consume Honey
    Consume HoneyHari Yang lalu

    I ordered mine and it arrived just in time.

  • Tesoro
    TesoroHari Yang lalu

    Almost ordered one so thanks!

  • Brent C
    Brent CHari Yang lalu

    I also pay my bills by laying cash down on my keyboard.

  • TheJamesDTV
    TheJamesDTVHari Yang lalu

    Wait... Where's the Conversion Technology shirt?

  • Wuck
    WuckHari Yang lalu

    Pacquaio has 800+ ATK w/ ATK SPEED of a 100% :D He is an Octupus holding 8 Different Belts :D

  • Hassan Sonbli
    Hassan SonbliHari Yang lalu

    I wont ask about the thing you cut your self.

  • Yvonne Brown
    Yvonne BrownHari Yang lalu

    Glad i came to check, just saw the advertisement and anout to enter credit card details. Before purchasing anything on websites do research first. Thank God i did. Just saved myself $39.99 and a lot of grief.

  • another vap
    another vapHari Yang lalu

    they were one step away from bringing back Code Lyoko

  • Quinton Williams
    Quinton WilliamsHari Yang lalu The lengths companies will go... Just advertise the damn thing as a personal swamp cooler and call it a day. Also, isn't the goal of an AC to eliminate humidity? I highly doubt an AC could run off of battery power, let alone USB.

  • Goog Acc
    Goog AccHari Yang lalu

    This product blaux!

  • Perry Pelican
    Perry PelicanHari Yang lalu

    It's basically just a hot spot. But a total scam because you have to either have a data plan or use someone else's. Right? I have a common product that is a combination router/repeater/hotspot. It cost $30US and works great. I wanted to make my cable box into a wifi hotspot, which it did perfectly. I suppose this product You reviewed is good for the same thing if it has a port to connect a cable. The problem is the price. It is much more expensive than the typical one I mentioned and is not good as a router, nor a repeater. I guess it has some value but it definitely not at all what it claims to be as far as unlimited anything. These guys make a lot of money and are fooling you but at least you get something that has some value, unlike that ridiculous air conditioner. GREAT VIDEO. I AM HAPPY I HAPPENED UPON YOU. THANKS. It was fun to watch you. One thing is that you ended the video with the thought that the product might be worth buying for some people, which it definitely is not. You could have said something about the price of hotspots. I could be wrong, if course, since I do actually make mistakes. Have fun.

  • 11 8A Adarsh Prajeesh
    11 8A Adarsh PrajeeshHari Yang lalu

    Install hackintosh in them

  • Jaym Akyu
    Jaym AkyuHari Yang lalu

    Wait, what? Cooking oil doesn't work for tanning?

  • Zac Meyers
    Zac MeyersHari Yang lalu

    So I actually just hacked my 1st Gen Apple TV!

  • Arif Tunç
    Arif TunçHari Yang lalu

    windows me is turn the blue screen death like this 0:13

  • Fizan Muhammed
    Fizan MuhammedHari Yang lalu

    12:13(NAILED IT)