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This UVLEN scam promises to be your "digital" hand sanitizer, and it can help clean your hands with your phone's flashlight! The only problem… it violates the laws of physics; a blue light filter can’t convert an iPhone flashlight into far-UVC light. Oh, and watch part 2 next 🥲 iddown.info/the/k4-YZc-enuC8hLc/video.html
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Krazy Ken's Tech Talk - UVLEN is a SCAM (It Violates the Laws of Physics)
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  • Computer Clan
    Computer Clan3 bulan yang lalu

    Stay tuned for part 2! 👍 And yes… thanks for some additional comments on wavelength conversion (like what laser pointers do). But I think we can all agree that is NOT what this thin piece of blue plastic is doing. We'll see how well it really works in the follow-up episode ; )

  • Godwin Nkanta

    Godwin Nkanta

    28 hari yang lalu

    @Computer Clan If only I had a bullshit keyboard like yours, maybe I wouldn't have bought a metal amorphous whatever machine

  • windrider65


    28 hari yang lalu

    @Chris aka Schulbus my body feels like it's been to hell and back, I'll have to pass on meeting you there. I've got 2 Comador 64 in the original boxes, one monitor one cassette drive and 2 floppy drives and one printer. Boxes of software and games and they all worked when I boxed it up.

  • Chris aka Schulbus

    Chris aka Schulbus

    29 hari yang lalu

    @windrider65 you have to toast to find out. meet me in hell

  • windrider65


    29 hari yang lalu

    Was that a Comador 64.?

  • Levente Szécsy

    Levente Szécsy

    Bulan Yang lalu

    In fact LEDs do emmit small amounts of UV light, including UVC. Personally i have a UV meter which is capable of sensing it, although the amount is very small and i doubt its usable for such applications. The claims of the product might be bs but you are not entirely right either.

  • Louise Ogden
    Louise Ogden4 hari yang lalu

    Forwarded it to my WhatsApp groups. I know some people who might be taken in by this so I think it's important.

  • Alex Snitzer
    Alex Snitzer7 hari yang lalu

    If you find a way to use a filter to change the frequency of light without adding energy or pumping a crystal, definitely write that shit down and go and collect your Nobel Prize.

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson11 hari yang lalu

    1:37 No, Ken, you're wrong. They got a beautiful Japanese girl to advertise for them; they simply *must* be right! Attraction beats science, after all!

  • olsmokey
    olsmokey14 hari yang lalu

    Given that the most common white LEDs work by using a UV LED shining on or through a phosphor to produce white(ish) light, there actually IS a slight UV component in the white light produced by a phone. Note, this isn't what you would call 'deep' UV as it's closer to blue than UV BUT it is there. It would be interesting to see if the "UV" light coming through this filter can make a phosphor glow.

  • Logic?
    Logic?18 hari yang lalu

    Upcomversion (making it higher frequency) by taking in lower energy/wavelength light and storing it or taking energy from elsewhere and re emoting it at higher energy However that’s really fancy with fancy materials

  • Lipi19821
    Lipi1982120 hari yang lalu

    Didnt some states outlaw taning saloons...I got an Idea, rename them into full body light sanitize.....And get rich...you get all the ladies that wanna get darker as customers back plus all the people that are paranoid of the virus... Bigger customer base than you had before they outlaw you....Nice....

    PR NOTHALL20 hari yang lalu

    ......and don't call me Shirley!.

  • hobocyclist mike
    hobocyclist mike21 hari yang lalu

    UV Light to sanitize unless its uv c btw its not the only fake

  • Terry Goyan
    Terry Goyan21 hari yang lalu

    My favorite scam is the monocular designed by "Joe Hopkins University". What a joke!

  • Nick Michels
    Nick Michels22 hari yang lalu

    Well it is possible, you just need to fire your phone towards your hand really really really fast. About 205,000 km/s should just about get you from 600nm to 260nm. Now technically the led does already admit an extremely small amount of UV due to the general distribution of light from LEDs, but it’s at such a low amplitude that it’s not going to penetrate any surface, not nearly anything needed to impact organic processes.

  • T3s70*on
    T3s70*on22 hari yang lalu

    funny thing... If you BS. radar is so finely tuned ,how come you "belive" in the coof-hoof?! sheeple will be sheeple! if they dont understand the science they will buy into BULLSHIT!!!

  • Omer S
    Omer S22 hari yang lalu

    Also, the fact that the product makes the phone emit violet light is another annoying trick: "ultraviolet" sounds like it's violet, but it isn't (to our eyes). We can't see ultraviolet "light", and definitely not UVC. So, for humans, in terms of colors, "ultraviolet" means transparent.

  • Draven Shultz
    Draven Shultz23 hari yang lalu

    well in theory you could change the wavelength with lenses & mirrors but it would be much more bulky than that need a much bigger source of light

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard23 hari yang lalu

    "this is tech, not science" you must be American for that to make any degree is sense. "this is beef, not meat!" makes similar amounts of sense.

  • Nis Rytter
    Nis Rytter23 hari yang lalu

    Frequency of a wavelength.. Definitely not a science channel :D

  • Sony XperiaThree
    Sony XperiaThree23 hari yang lalu

    Yes, this is a scam. But you can change the frequency of light by using fluorescing compounds as is done in a fluorescent light tube, or white light LED's. In both of these examples the fluorescent tube or LED produce UV light which excites the fluorescing compound which in turn emits visible (lower frequency) light. So yes their plastic filter producing UV light after being exposed to white cell phone LED light has an element of scientific plausibility.

  • Karl Legrand
    Karl Legrand24 hari yang lalu

    Bio-Sheet capitals are B.S. Coincidence ? I think not !

  • No use for lazy people None.
    No use for lazy people None.24 hari yang lalu

    You would be better off by standing in the SUN for 20Sec. LOL

  • bobingabout
    bobingabout24 hari yang lalu

    8:08 Why didn't you just try chrome from the begining? Many web devs just write stuff specifically to work in chrome, however annoying this is.

  • Markius Galfordii
    Markius Galfordii24 hari yang lalu

    All it is is a colored lens seriously it's all he is it reminds me of the 3D glasses lol I can't believe people are buying this

  • Markius Galfordii
    Markius Galfordii24 hari yang lalu

    Well considering that we had to tell a whole generation not to eat Tide pods I think they will fall for anything LOL

  • Alex Snitzer

    Alex Snitzer

    7 hari yang lalu

    Just like we have to keep telling an entire generation that wearing a mask will not impede their breathing and will protect against the coronavirus. Some people will believe anything they see on Facebook.

  • Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful25 hari yang lalu

    How is it even allowed to be listed? Surely Amazon doesn't allow this type of hocus pocus stuff

  • Joshua Tannis
    Joshua Tannis25 hari yang lalu

    Who in the world believes this ? Who in their right mind believes that a tiny plastic gadget that can sanitize?

  • mrnickbig1
    mrnickbig125 hari yang lalu

    It is EASY to shorten wavelengths passively! For example, most green lasers use a KTP crystal to convert infrared light (808nm LASER diodes excite neodymium doped YVO4 crystals to produce 1064nm infrared laser light, which is then run into a KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate crystal) which DOUBLES the frequency to produce bright green 532nm LASER light. Only the original 808nm near infrared diodes use external power, the other 2 frequency conversions are PASSIVE. In other words, while I agree UVLEN is a scam, and does not utilize this type of conversion, YOU ARGUMENT IS BULL$HIT!!!

  • Basel Alansari
    Basel Alansari26 hari yang lalu

    Your lucky that it's a scam or you'd be burning your hands

  • Manly McStud
    Manly McStud26 hari yang lalu

    Technologies Inc., a name you can trust since thursday.

  • B19FTW
    B19FTW26 hari yang lalu

    I'm getting major "Captain Disillusion and the Cicret Bracelet" vibes... In a good way! Crossover when?

  • Robert Kiestov
    Robert Kiestov28 hari yang lalu

    The pandemic isn't real.

  • gordon thomas
    gordon thomas28 hari yang lalu

    Even assuming you _could_ sanitize your hands with a smart-phone-generated light, it still wouldn't work unless your phone was sanitized.

  • muayyad alsadi
    muayyad alsadi29 hari yang lalu

    4:45 maybe you can! It's called fluorescense. I know this product is spam. But the concept is there. There is a way to absorb light and emit different light (of both higher and lower wave lengths) > In some cases under intense illumination it is possible for one electron to absorb two photons allowing for the emission of radiation of a higher photon energy (shorter wavelength) than the absorbed radiation; such two-photon absorption is not referred to as fluorescence. > If the emitted photon has more energy than the absorbed photon, the energy difference is called an anti-Stokes shift en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stokes_shift

  • Ender Wiggin
    Ender Wiggin29 hari yang lalu

    😂 ken already spent his sleeve! What a huckster!

  • Neill Coetzer
    Neill Coetzer29 hari yang lalu

    You know they could've actually avoided all this hassle and made something that plugs into the phone to power a small UV-C quartz tube (I know it can be done I have a small handheld UV-C sterilizer. But God I never use it because UV-C isn't great for health) so I just don't get why they bullshit when equivalent tech already exists. I mean you even get real UV-C LED's

  • Ender Wiggin
    Ender Wiggin29 hari yang lalu

    So two mins in.. it makes it novisable nv illumination?

  • Barry Williams
    Barry Williams29 hari yang lalu

    Simple test ... See if it makes fluorescent minerals fluoresce.

  • bo slama
    bo slamaBulan Yang lalu

    Most lasers are filters that add energy to light. Well not really adds energy more like condense the light energy. But does that count as breaking physics

  • Christopher Cripps
    Christopher CrippsBulan Yang lalu

    Stick with the ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer. The FFA says while UV C can disinfect it isn't best choice for porus surfaces (pores, skin wrinkles, ...?) and can burn your eyes!! Gotta be a scam. Even if (I repeat even IF) it could change visible white light to UV C any blue light emitted(seen) hasn't been converted to UV C & thus not available to disinfect. UB C has 150-280 nm wavelength well out of the range (lower end >400 nm) visible to unaided human eye.

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry FuldsBulan Yang lalu

    also, if the phone light already put out uvc light then you wouldnt need a filter, you would just use the phone's light by itself.

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry FuldsBulan Yang lalu

    Haven't watched much of the vid yet but na, its totally rational that a filter can add energy to a light frequency without any energy input of its own. Everyone knows the old saying "matter/energy can easily be crated and destroyed with wishful thinking."

  • wakcedout
    wakcedoutBulan Yang lalu

    Made in.China.....imagine my surprise.....

  • James Sunderland
    James SunderlandBulan Yang lalu

    While there are substances that absorb photons, then release them at a different frequency such as phosphorus which absorbs UV light and then releases it as visible light (this is how florescent lights work). It doesn't change the fact that even if the material did this, it would have to absorb a lot of light of a lower frequency before it could produce a higher frequency photon. It's the whole conservation of energy thing going on. So basically if you did find a magical material to do this, it probably wouldn't actually produce enough UV radiation to sanitize anything using a phones light.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob SmithBulan Yang lalu

    I smell a Nobel prize or is that bullshit.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight SchruteBulan Yang lalu

    Are you using a Jim halpert voice filter? Lol

  • Eric Caginicolau
    Eric CaginicolauBulan Yang lalu

    Ok this product may be a scam but the whole video is stating wrong "facts", it as a scam as the product.

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew CampbellBulan Yang lalu

    @5:15 Actually, one thought that comes to mind is to use something vaguely akin to Glow-Mite. Basically, some kind of material that, once hit with light, absorbs it, then emits UV light. I'm unsure if any material actually does this, but it's at least not directly against the laws of physics.

  • Riddick Raymond
    Riddick RaymondBulan Yang lalu

    So how would the phone clean itself when you change hands

  • Nerys
    NerysBulan Yang lalu

    ON TOP OF THAT any amount of UVC sufficient to sanitize is also likely to be sufficient to be enough to HARM you.

  • Dave
    DaveBulan Yang lalu

    Bio-sheet even has the same initials

  • Sawiszcze
    SawiszczeBulan Yang lalu

    well, in practice you could bombard electron with fotons and make it absorb this energy with out an electron in a unstable state in wich with enough energy electron can produce a far UV fotons but this is impossible with normal flashlight and a filter, actually this is have we produce light by forcing electrons to eat our electrical energy and then give it in form of light.

  • Afto Kinito
    Afto KinitoBulan Yang lalu

    This guy's face is wider than the planet Saturn.

  • Afto Kinito
    Afto KinitoBulan Yang lalu

    Playing devil's advocate, the "filter" could actually be a phosforescent material that absorbs visible light and emits UV, which is pretty much how a UV LED works.

  • MagSun
    MagSunBulan Yang lalu

    Can't find the link, but: Green lasers operate on a UV laser diode, passing UV light through a "medium" that converts the invisible UV wavelength into visible green wavelength. There is a problem with cheap christmas laser "decorations" though: The medium works at a very narrow UV wavelength, while the UV diode may produce different UV wavelength at different temperatures. So if the device is too cold (outside), the wavelength does not converts into green light, making people to look into the broken light, frying their eyes with invisible light.... So yeah, it should be possible to convert one wavelength into another. Still a scam though 😂

  • James
    JamesBulan Yang lalu

    If filtering out some light gave you a way to kill germs, the flashlight would kill germs without the filter also.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco PoloBulan Yang lalu

    Don’t need to be told that it’s a scam. Any well educated that knows a minimum of science would ignore it.

  • Basil K
    Basil KBulan Yang lalu

    Well, nonlinear optics and 2nd harmonic generation is a thing. Just need to put ultrafast laser with enough power in the phone 😅

  • Benjamin Miller

    Benjamin Miller

    29 hari yang lalu

    Obviously a scam but... Theoretically you could also focus non collimated light onto a blackbody emitter, heating it to a high temperature, & use a selectively reflective mirror to reflect back low freq. light, and allow high freq. (UV) light through. Pretty inefficient though, because while blackbody radiation is broad spectrum, UV always makes up a small portion of it. Inefficient and clunky, but technically passive up-conversion of frequency without messing around with frequency doubling materials and lasers.

  • Akshay B Menon

    Akshay B Menon

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Wanted to comment exactly this. Frequency doubler crystals exist that convert IR to green light for lasers. But yeah you do need a laser 😅.

  • Andre Chestnut II
    Andre Chestnut IIBulan Yang lalu

    Your head looks like a shield

  • Grand Bean
    Grand BeanBulan Yang lalu

    This is the fakest product I have ever heard of.

  • Kana Lives
    Kana LivesBulan Yang lalu

    So being a biochemistry major I have taken my fair share of physics and chemistry class. After you read that statement at the beginning I was like what the F*** does that mean.

  • Phred
    PhredBulan Yang lalu

    You can buy cheap ultraviolet flashlights on Amazon. As part of your test it might be interesting to see whether these have any germicidal qualities versus placebo versus UVLEN.

  • Chen Gong
    Chen GongBulan Yang lalu

    Ok there is technically a way to do it, you use a solar panel to collect the light and then use the electricity to generate your own UV. It doesn’t take any external power but I guess it’s debatable whether this counts as “passive”.

  • Braden Nichols
    Braden NicholsBulan Yang lalu

    Why would buying that filter do anything. If your phone flashlight produces uv. Putting a uv filter to filter out the other wavelengths doesn't help it. A filter only removes so if it allowing the uv through then the flashlight already has so you dont need the filter.

  • SimonTek
    SimonTekBulan Yang lalu

    If it's actually possible to change the light wave that way, the last thing it would be used for is this.

  • Yuujin.
    Yuujin.Bulan Yang lalu

    There are crystals that can make 2 photons of lower energy into 1 photon of higher energy. This is actually how your pocket laser pointers work. There are 2 crystals, first, a semi-conductior that emits ~1000nm IR light with A LOT of energy Then this light get absorbed by another crystal, some of energy becomes transferred to heat, some of it slips through, and some of it actually doubles in frequency ~500nm which is green light. It works by the principle that whole potential energy that can be stored in single electron on the atom of crystal is enough to make a green light from IR (or any light from lower freq) AND that potential energy layers is split juuuust enough to take 2 almost exactly same photons and "charge up" electron with twice energy. AND if you're lucky, that electron will get rid of all that energy in single pocket - a single photon, with another, higher frequency. but that has to be a precisely made tool, and relatively long, not like a sheet of filter. So your claim about violating laws of physics is a little bit false in general but still applies here.

  • typograf62
    typograf62Bulan Yang lalu

    Well it is possible to increase the frequency of blue light, but it takes "a little" energy. You "just" have to accellerate you phone enough to blueshift the light into UV. And remember to remove your hand just in time before it gets blown to plasma by the impact.

  • Ben
    BenBulan Yang lalu

    In terms of physics, there is a technology in green lasers, called DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) that converts Infrared (1064 nm) to green light (532 nm), however from what I heard it is very VERY inefficient whic is why these green laserpointers need excessively powerful IR pump diodes. Now, I do not know whether this kind of approach could create UV light, but even if it can, it would cost more than 15 dollars.

  • Beardy McBeardface
    Beardy McBeardfaceBulan Yang lalu

    Getting a different colour light from another, passively, is possible using phosphors. This is how white LED's work, they're actually blue LED's coated with a phosphor which emits something roughly approximating white light. We do now have UVC emitting phosphors, however I have no idea if UVLEN is using them.

  • Jorge Rangel
    Jorge RangelBulan Yang lalu

    You should go full Tunderfood in that violation if physics laws

  • Rickypol 007
    Rickypol 007Bulan Yang lalu

    Capitan disacamlusion

  • None of your Business
    None of your BusinessBulan Yang lalu

    5:00 - Well yes, _but..._ There *are* coatings that _do_ convert light wavelengths, which are therefore NOT filters: every fluorescent lamp uses a layer that _absorbs_ (parts of) the light generated by the fluorescing gas and _emits_ its *own* emission spectrum, thus converting invisible UV "black light" to visible frequencies. But as far as I understand it, you would need _much_ more *oomph* than a smart phone flashlight for sanitizing purposes.Typical UV sanitizers draw about 2 Watts of power, but take a 5 minute cycle, so for hand disinfection in 10 seconds, that would be at least 60W... and that is beginning to sound like sunburn to me.

  • Charles Taylor
    Charles TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Converting light with a longer wavelength to light with a shorter wavelength violates the laws of physics? Maybe you should google "pumped crystals".

  • William WATKINS
    William WATKINSBulan Yang lalu

    5:00 technically you could use up conversion where two photons of lower energy are up converted to one photon of higher energy. This is applied in photovoltaic technologies to benefit from ir light. But I'm just picking :P

  • soppan96
    soppan96Bulan Yang lalu

    When money is more important than human life 🤦‍♀️

  • Ted Mosby
    Ted MosbyBulan Yang lalu

    I learnt abt uvc . You dont want to mess it's not for public there like sunbeds bulbs burn your eyes out and feels like you have sand in your eyes not a good feeling

  • RedwoodTheElf
    RedwoodTheElfBulan Yang lalu

    One of the most annoying scams since the "Ultrasonic pest Repellers" that supposedly make pests like rats and roaches flee your house just by plugging them in (Contents: A fake speaker and a small circuit board that makes an LED blink when you plug it in)

  • Tdoyr
    TdoyrBulan Yang lalu

    1:55 Dio? Disinfects with UV light? I’m seeing a trend here...

  • NotEVER!


    Bulan Yang lalu


  • didyoudothat tv
    didyoudothat tvBulan Yang lalu

    Alien space time that violates the laws of physics

  • MindBrand Abbadon
    MindBrand AbbadonBulan Yang lalu

    "You expected a UV Light to sanitize your hand... But it is I, DIO Bio-Sheet UV converter that will scam you!!!"

  • Middonaito
    MiddonaitoBulan Yang lalu

    Take a shot everytime he says "bullshit" that's how shit this scam is

  • Dave Coons
    Dave CoonsBulan Yang lalu

    As posted below, it is technically possible to increase the frequency of light with certain crystals. Thankfully, however, this is scam. Losing $15 is far better than the eye and skin damage that could come from UVC light strong enough to disinfect.

  • wahat da
    wahat daBulan Yang lalu

    Even if this product works it would burn your skin and have a high chance of causing cancerous growths.

  • Viva Namida
    Viva NamidaBulan Yang lalu

    now we can take disinfected selfies!

  • Henry Kuren
    Henry KurenBulan Yang lalu

    I love how I am typing out comments that I want to post, and you say the comment as I am typing it.

  • Rai Mou
    Rai MouBulan Yang lalu

    Actually, liquid hand sanitizer needs to wet your hands for at least 30 seconds to reliably work. 10 seconds is way too short even for the best hand sanitizer.

  • Arya Pranadhi
    Arya PranadhiBulan Yang lalu

    But... But... But... It seems so legit 😂

  • D.R Paradox
    D.R ParadoxBulan Yang lalu

    For the record even if this did work as advertised, UV light strong enough to disinfect your hands in 10 seconds would in the process cause damage to your hands because even though the dosage is in a relatively small amount compared to the amount of daily UV exposure the average person receives from the sun, it would be in a more concentrated exposure so best case scenario the exposed skin is burned or you just kill the living surface skin cells and now you'll have to deal with a minor case of necrosis but worst case scenario is skin cancer

  • InsertName Here_________X
    InsertName Here_________XBulan Yang lalu

    Why does he sound like a younger Ron Swanson

  • Y D
    Y DBulan Yang lalu

    You look and sound like the captain from wallE

  • TheTrukx4lyfe
    TheTrukx4lyfeBulan Yang lalu

    It basically makes your flashlight purple

  • XolHex
    XolHexBulan Yang lalu

    1:53 iS ThAT a JoJo ReFEranCe?

  • Muscles Mouse
    Muscles MouseBulan Yang lalu

    I will have to stop watching since your unplugged BS detector was a C64

  • Pulse Fel
    Pulse FelBulan Yang lalu

    there is one way it could work, if the filter was made a material that absorbs the energy of the light and emits the uvc light. everything we see is only actually the light emitted by the object after it was hit by light. if an object is red it will absorb wavelengths of non-red light and emit the red. so you just need something that emits the uvc and feed it the energy of the flashlight. the fact such a substance is likely HIGHLY radioactive is a null concern.

  • Cristian
    CristianBulan Yang lalu

    Hand sanitizer it's much safer, both because it works and because it does not emit uv light

  • Daniel Houck
    Daniel HouckBulan Yang lalu

    I absolutely believe this is BS, and would think so even if I saw it directly and not on this video. But I don’t quite buy the explanation of why it’s scientifically impossible. Sure, a “filter” can’t do it directly because it just passes wavelengths through, but there are a lot of waves to increase wavelength and a few to decrease it. I’m not a physicist or chemist and may be missing something, but en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon_upconversion seems to say that something like this is sometimes possible. Given that a related wikipedia page has “nanoparticles” in the title, it might not be available in your budget, and even if it is I wouldn’t be surprised if phones didn’t have enough energy in the flash to do anything useful, or if you needed to redesign it for each type of flash, or anything like that, though.

  • d610
    d610Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank you. I keep seeing scam health and sanitizing products all this past year. All these companies are popping out of nowhere to run off with your money.

  • John Berg
    John BergBulan Yang lalu

    You might want to look up how white LEDs work. Hint: they are actually blue LEDs... and phosphors inside the LED changes or adds to the wavelength of the blue light. Not saying that uvlen isn’t a scam. I firmly believe it is a scam. Just pointing out that "changing" wavelength is possible in some cases. Edit: never mind, I see you addressed this in a follow up episode.

  • Blind Girl Gaming
    Blind Girl GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Companies get away with things like this because people don’t think. Plus there’s a whole educational system and how teachers are underpaid for what they do

  • 12thsonofisrael
    12thsonofisraelBulan Yang lalu

    That looks like one of those old disposal uv or ir camera filters and those things never were that good.

  • Ben Danielak
    Ben DanielakBulan Yang lalu

    No way! They sell shit like this at the store where I work... along with air sanitizer. JUST USE HAND SANITIZER

  • Orin Anthony
    Orin AnthonyBulan Yang lalu

    You tried to put your credit card number in a form like that?

  • M 6
    M 6Bulan Yang lalu

    one word... china. two more words. nuff said.