Power Macintosh G3 Minitower - Set Up and First Boot - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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A Power Macintosh G3 Minitower and Apple Multiple Scan 720 monitor drop into Krazy Ken's lair. The question is… do they work? And… what lies on the hard drive?
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Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures - Power Macintosh G3 Minitower
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  • Computer Clan
    Computer ClanTahun Yang lalu

    Enjoy the new episode! We have some special videos coming soon-involving the new iPhone 11 and the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest (8-Bit Guy is attending too!). More to come! Please subscribe and click the *Bell* so you don’t miss those new videos… P.S. Special thanks to Steve for donating computers to the show! Check out his eBay store for other goodies (link in description).

  • Elijah Margolis

    Elijah Margolis

    3 bulan yang lalu

    @Comuter Clan I too have a Macintosh PowerPC G3 tower. It's the deluxe version with ethernet and IE:mac 3 running 9.2. My pride and joy.

  • Toofan Gyan

    Toofan Gyan

    4 bulan yang lalu

    is it usable in 2021 ??

  • Christopher


    8 bulan yang lalu

    I love your videos :) really cool videos

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @niamaru2 Hmm. For me, it goes right to the store. However, you're the second person to say that, so something is weird. The other weird thing is… the first person who said that said it works after the second click. Odd…

  • niamaru2


    Tahun Yang lalu

    The ebay link you used only goes to the front page of ebay btw

  • Ignatius Loyola
    Ignatius Loyola4 hari yang lalu

    what id do for a computer like that..

  • Alexander Eastabrook
    Alexander Eastabrook18 hari yang lalu

    good... now get big sur on it

  • Alfredo G.G.
    Alfredo G.G.21 hari yang lalu

    👍👍👍 Qué recuerdos, momentos entrañables, los famosos G3, sonidos maravillosos, escritorios inolvidables... Alucinante... Alucinante... Qué tiempos 😌😌😌😌😌.

  • hurrgg
    hurrggBulan Yang lalu

    oh neat, the floppy cover is broken on mine too

  • That's Interesting.
    That's Interesting.Bulan Yang lalu

    Where the pins to power de monitor?!

  • Peter Gill
    Peter Gill2 bulan yang lalu

    Many of those old connectors have ton of unused pins. For instance, the with the VGA connector the entire middle row (and one other pin) are all connected to ground, and the PS/2 port only 4 of the 6 pins are used.

  • MacOS Big Sur
    MacOS Big Sur3 bulan yang lalu

    I found the squirrel on my iPad 🐿

  • Kenneth Plays
    Kenneth Plays4 bulan yang lalu

    am i the only 11 year old in this comment section

  • BlueGuest222
    BlueGuest2224 bulan yang lalu

    Try installing os x

  • donnerschwein
    donnerschwein4 bulan yang lalu

    Strawberry Onion Salad

  • WillJR880
    WillJR8805 bulan yang lalu

    Mac's OS' prior to X/10 is very curious. It gives off the impression of something substantial but slightly beneath the surface you find it's a complete nothing burger, heavily dependent on third party software to basically do anything, and often it makes a big deal about its ability to do rudimentary things like play a video. It almost feels like some sort of achievement... I feel like Windows was probably technically better in many ways, but somehow there's still an allure and slight mystique about doing exactly the same things in Mac OS as you would in Windows. It's somehow more 'comfortable' perhaps...

  • Lewis Alexander
    Lewis Alexander6 bulan yang lalu

    that Ge beige MT brings back so many meories of studying music through my first year at music college and that machine coming home with me as it was no longer wanted. That little beauty had a good few years use and was running a Protools TDM Mix system using all 3 cards, scsi to internal drive bay, etc. I have a very fond love for this machine. loved the design, the feel, the ease of servicing, etc. The AV board was an optional board as it's called a "personality board" there were different versions of this board, you have the same board I had as this was an Audio / Video in / out board for editing use. The latches do get a bit stiff, but considering the design of the case, not surprising. the upper floppy and any of the plates to the front can be a little fragile, be careful with them please. the floppy is the worst to break a tab, so will be loose, though there is a way of fixing that. This machine differed from the PM9600 and yes, the super had 5 PCI slots, but the board wasn't so reliable. nice design, but questionable I/O. Now then, the two missing pins are normal for a DB15 mac display cable as they were non data / power for that particular display, so were removed on manufacture. hope that fixes things.

  • BOBXFILES2374a
    BOBXFILES2374a6 bulan yang lalu

    You like to see a guy having fun with a computer. I have a G3 kind of flat desktop that was left behind by a company that departed who knows when in this office bldg. There was another Apple computer that was REALLY heavy, also. This is a Brick. No, Boat Anchor! I got special permission to take it home. It doesn't work, but it looks cool. Some day I'll have someone check it out.

  • Oli1974
    Oli19747 bulan yang lalu

    I used to have one back in the days when it was new and all the hot shit. Those memories ...

  • XeroN8vOne
    XeroN8vOne8 bulan yang lalu

    So much nostalgia...I used to use this beige machine at school running 10.4. According to IT was a pain to upgrade to 10.4 but ran it perfectly. The school didn’t like the Mac Lab and was in the process of getting rid of it for an all PC lab (there was already 2 all PC labs and there were 2 Mac labs, Beige Power PC G3 lab and the Turquoise Power Macintosh G3 lab). Not sure if it happened after I left the school. I miss these machines.

  • John Piontkowski
    John Piontkowski8 bulan yang lalu

    pin 3 is composite sync, not used on that type of monitor (it uses the other hsync and vsync on pins 12 and 15), pin 8 is never connected on any mac DB15 monitor connector,, the IIgs used the same physical connector, but a slightly different pinout that had 12V DC on pin 8, so they may have completely removed the pin to prevent any issues if the monitor was connected to a IIgs

  • Uwe Reitter
    Uwe Reitter8 bulan yang lalu

    I had this computer back then!

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill8 bulan yang lalu

    I was born for this moment. oh f*ck

  • Christian O. Holz
    Christian O. Holz9 bulan yang lalu

    I see nipples ;)

  • Kieran Conroy
    Kieran Conroy9 bulan yang lalu

    My 1st computer operating system I ever used was Mac OS 8.6 it was so good it was so good that I went to Mac OS 9 and downgrading because it was so unstable compared to Mac OS 8.6 back when Mac OS 9 was brand-new and buggy are your wallpapers open for the general public to use?

  • trey parker
    trey parker9 bulan yang lalu

    i stopped repairing a computer to watch this

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy10 bulan yang lalu

    This was my second Mac, I got it used with the monitor and it was maxed out on RAM and Rage Pro Turbo graphics. It was a beast still in 2000 when I bought it with the money I saved working at Hollywood video. I do not miss lugging or fixing those old boxes.

  • mnd
    mnd10 bulan yang lalu

    So I'm not the only one who used to degauss a CRT just for fun :)

  • lynnzi3d
    lynnzi3d10 bulan yang lalu

    I had the Powermac 9600 Mach 5 ( which apple pulled and turned into PPC Servers just as I bought it when the G3 was released ), upgraded ppc processor, maxed out memory, 2 hdd, dual Video ( 720, and a MASSIVE 3D RENDERING DUAL SLOT ENGINE ) Ran both OS9 and OSX. Ran Raydream and Renderman 3D

  • kilgarragh
    kilgarragh10 bulan yang lalu

    1:03 Finally he called apple shit. and he's right :)

  • G R
    G R10 bulan yang lalu

    Would love to see you review the Power Macintosh 6100/7100/8100, WGS 6150/8150, and/or Mac Clones.

  • fargeeks
    fargeeks10 bulan yang lalu

    6:02 that is my most favorite startup sound off of any mac Too bad that was only on really old macs :(

  • Mundo gamer 2.0

    Mundo gamer 2.0

    8 bulan yang lalu

    Its also on the new ones

  • William D
    William D11 bulan yang lalu

    Was a great stable Mac. Overclocked the cpu from 300 to 333mhz

  • Bryce Reigle
    Bryce Reigle11 bulan yang lalu

    I have a PowerMac 8500/150 and i'm getting choppy framerates playing my NES through the video app. Hmm

  • X-OR
    X-ORTahun Yang lalu

    The Last mac that had a Apple Talk connecter

  • Orange Beans Does Stuff
    Orange Beans Does StuffTahun Yang lalu

    1:34 *BONE APPLE TIT*

  • NubbyGames156
    NubbyGames156Tahun Yang lalu

    steve jobs? i miss him

  • Mylo Fryett
    Mylo FryettTahun Yang lalu

    Do you have the powermac g3 all in one

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Not yet.

  • Mike Erwin
    Mike ErwinTahun Yang lalu

    Enjoyed the video :) Always wanted one of these beige G3 towers. Mac OS 8.6 is my all-time favorite! Just enough modern features, but still felt personal. 9 put too much emphasis on getting out of OS X's way.

  • Alexander Chaney
    Alexander ChaneyTahun Yang lalu

    5:08 OMG, I'm sorry, I laughed my ass off and kept watching. You do an amazing Christopher Walken impression without even trying. lo

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Haha. Yeah! I wasn't even trying. x_x

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew LeTahun Yang lalu

    You should install dual-boot Mac OS X on this... still fun with Mac OS 8.6 or 9.

  • Marshall Fairbrother

    Marshall Fairbrother

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Andrew Le oh okay, shows how much I know about OS 8 haha

  • Andrew Le

    Andrew Le

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Marshall Fairbrother I dont see why not. Create two partitions and install OS X 10.x on the 2nd partition.

  • Marshall Fairbrother

    Marshall Fairbrother

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Andrew Le would something like that even dual boot OS X

  • Foizun NIL S Gamer
    Foizun NIL S GamerTahun Yang lalu

    pins 3 and 8 are not required maybe They are not any of r, g or b as in the diagram

  • Foizun NIL S Gamer

    Foizun NIL S Gamer

    Tahun Yang lalu

    i mean the missing pins are not any of the red green or blue pins.

  • Pete
    PeteTahun Yang lalu

    Crystal Caliburn, 8 Ball Deluxe, and Looney Labyrinth were awesome classic OS 9 pinball games.

  • George Senda
    George SendaTahun Yang lalu

    With those yellow jacks you should be able to use them with an RCA cable on an HDVI tv with changing the settings on the tv. I run my Apple ][ GS & my Apple ][E on my 48 inch Sony Bravia HD & my Apple ][C on my late Mother's very strange 21 inch Westinghouse TV monitor.

  • Onkel Ebert
    Onkel EbertTahun Yang lalu

    So now a seemingly adult person is sitting in front of the camera and manages to talk about a 22 year old computer for half an hour. Well, he will certainly have achieved something in his life. The computer, not the person there.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Not sure why you're writing such a pointless comment. But yes, I did achieve something. This is part of how I make my living. If I get paid to do something fun, I'm gonna do it.

  • MVE
    MVETahun Yang lalu

    This was my first own Mac :-)

  • EweToobUsername
    EweToobUsernameTahun Yang lalu

    This was my favorite Mac I ever owned, just because there was so much that could be done with it. Mine started life with a 266 MHz G3, Rev A logic board, 384 MB RAM, SCSI zip 100, 6GB hard drive, dead SCSI CD drive, and the sound-only personality card. When I was done with it, I had upgraded the processor to a G3 500 out of a Blue and White (which worked, amazingly enough), the Rev C motherboard, the A/V personality card, SuperDrive DVD-R, Zip 250, 2x120 hard drives, a Sonnet USB2/FW400/ATA133 card, a Radeon 9000 video card, a RTL8139 ethernet card for 100mbps networking, and I upgraded the PSU to a 450 watt PC unit (there’s a jumper on the logic board that allows for PC PSUs). I had Mac OS 9.2 for the video player and OS X 10.3.9 for everything else. The caveat with getting the absolute most out of that processor upgrade was changing the bus speed and processor multiplier (which is a block of jumpers on the logic board). The Blue and White and the Yikes machines also had a similar set of jumpers; AGP G4s migrated this to the processor cards. Also, I believe the SCSI was worthless for OS X on this computer (at least the Zip drive didn’t function in 10.3.9 for me). XPostFacto could also be used to run 10.4 on this machine, but I never tested this out.

  • Stavex


    10 bulan yang lalu

    EweToobUsername cool story dude

  • piratepete05_
    piratepete05_Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey Ken, If you want a website easy to load try geocities.ws/98site. Its coded in HTML 1 using 90s clipart. It is a bit outdated though...

  • M-2 Hydra
    M-2 HydraTahun Yang lalu

    isnt there a adb port on the keyboard?

  • M-2 Hydra

    M-2 Hydra

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Computer Clan i remember hot plugging adb and ps2 ports because i didnt know that they may not support it however you can hot swap adb but there is a rare chance it might not work correctly after so you would need to restart the computer for it to work correctly true story

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Yes. I use it in the episode. : )

  • XzTS
    XzTSTahun Yang lalu

    So Apple goes from a Toshiba CRT to a Samsung LCD panel to an LG Display OLED panel.

  • zachary smith
    zachary smithTahun Yang lalu

    oh cool ill do what he does and go into tacobell and ruin their computers

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Uh. What?

  • Tom Lindo
    Tom LindoTahun Yang lalu

    I recall from back in the day that those pins missing was common, no idea why but maybe because Apple was broke back then and every penny counted?

  • 🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️

    🏳️‍🌈 Lillian Charles 🏳️‍⚧️

    Tahun Yang lalu

    It's because they weren't needed.

  • chris b
    chris bTahun Yang lalu

    Oh Classic OS ..so cool..so nice..... always liked it!

  • Direktörn
    DirektörnTahun Yang lalu

    so you paid for this stuff?

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Yes. People buy and trade this stuff all the time.

    YEONJIKUN MUSICTahun Yang lalu

    The pins that are missing doesn’t look like they are broken. They were missing from the factory. Also, I have a VGA cable that is missing a pin and works without any issue.

  • Warwagon
    WarwagonTahun Yang lalu

    I kind of Feels like the "Coming up" kind of spoils the video.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Usually I try to avoid that, but it was tough for this one. Yeah… looking back, I could've done better.

  • BilisNegra
    BilisNegraTahun Yang lalu

    14:05 Actually, there's no such thing as Office 2001 for Windows. That must have been either Office 2000 (published 1999), or Office XP (released 2001), also known as Office 2002 mainly because of the individual applications being named Word 2002, Excel 2002... But I also mix up things like those if I don't stop and try to recall correctly. That was quite a while ago.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Right, I meant 2000.

  • chrisw443
    chrisw443Tahun Yang lalu

    I want that computer.

  • Filipcreate
    FilipcreateTahun Yang lalu

    Great video as always Ken. Quality presentation. Anyway, I have a question. Do you remember this Macintosh Quadra Ad: iddown.info/the/p3uyormhq6nFpa8/video.html Please, could you help me find the soundtrack from it? It is beautiful and I doubt I will ever find it because I think it was made especially for this Quadra commercial.

  • thach nguyen ngoc
    thach nguyen ngocTahun Yang lalu

    Where is old Ken ??

  • enthusiasticGeek
    enthusiasticGeekTahun Yang lalu

    i thought the computer was a printer in the thumbnail

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler FurrisonTahun Yang lalu

    I believe the missing pins were N/C or Not Connected/Open, so it shouldn't be an issue

  • Tyler Furrison

    Tyler Furrison

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Ignore this comment, I was looking at the Serial version of the connector, not the one Apple uses as a video connector

  • An Idiot.
    An Idiot.Tahun Yang lalu

    *_C O N V E R S I O N T E C H N O L O G Y_*

  • Unnamed Youtuber
    Unnamed YoutuberTahun Yang lalu

    (1:01) You missed the 'Jobs' at the Steve 😂

  • Lipatov Kiril
    Lipatov KirilTahun Yang lalu


  • Mitch Davis
    Mitch DavisTahun Yang lalu

    Subbed as soon as I heard “bon appa-tit”.

  • Brandon Mooney-Soloyeva
    Brandon Mooney-SoloyevaTahun Yang lalu

    I thought the powermac g3 was blue in color but exactly like the g4

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    You’re thinking of the 1999 model. Check this out: bit.ly/clan2XeK27N

  • raydeen2k
    raydeen2kTahun Yang lalu

    I rescued one of these from the trash dump for a buddy of mine. He loved it just because of all the AV ports on the back. Unfortunately, it eventually went dead and I'm not sure what he did with it. But he had fun. :)

  • Headset Guy
    Headset GuyTahun Yang lalu

    I had a beige PowerMac G3/333 once. I scrapped it but saved the hard drive and the SCSI card (but not the SCSI cable, unfortunately). I regret scrapping it now.

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!
    TechBaron, Cameras and more!Tahun Yang lalu

    www.pure-mac.com/ heeem sauce for ppc based shtuf n ting

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    This was back when Macs were absolute garbage

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    Bone Appetwat

  • Dustin Schings
    Dustin SchingsTahun Yang lalu

    Computer Clan is like LGR with a potty mouth. Love it.

  • fargeeks


    10 bulan yang lalu

    Uh no... Lgr reviews stuff not try to run old shit into new shit

  • GabeTheFirst
    GabeTheFirstTahun Yang lalu


  • Bolling Holt
    Bolling HoltTahun Yang lalu

    Cool! I hear people complain about that case style's appearance, but I always liked the traditional Macintosh cases. Love that monitor, too!

  • sirkastic
    sirkasticTahun Yang lalu

    You bashed your abnormally wide face on the computer, and you kept that in ?!

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    First off, many people have heads my size. Second, DUH! Of course I kept that in. This is a raw show. The successes, the fails, the blunders, it all stays. It’s all part of a journey.

  • Chris Sebes
    Chris SebesTahun Yang lalu

    Oh, man. Good memories with my G3 tower. Mine was almost identical to that. As an aspiring video editor at the time, I spent another $300 on the video daughter card. I had to find a third-party seller with one, which took a lot more effort than I expected. I eventually got a Aurora Fuse video capture card and a 9.1GB 10,000 RPM Seagate Cheetah hard drive. I paid almost $1000 for the drive. Oh, the good ol' days. All the cool stuff I made with that machine.

  • na-no.
    na-no.Tahun Yang lalu

    9:10 "And then we'll go to the Control Panel, and go to *Appearánceé*" I just died there 🤣 Also, you managed to make me laugh with these facial expressions again! Haha!! *nice dust exhaust fan* I really like it now that we get to see your face more often, it completes the show in a way.

  • Jake
    JakeTahun Yang lalu

    Loving the new "you on camera" type of video

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you. I want to do more of it.

  • transitengineer
    transitengineerTahun Yang lalu

    This was the professional version to the educational G3 All-in-One models. Had planned to add one to my collection but it is hard to find the required USB PCI card and Firewire 400 PCI card with the needed software drivers. In addition, these models do not support the apple TV/FM radio card. So, I selected the 5500 All-in-One with its built-in 15 inch Sony CRT, added from my older 5400 All-in-One a G3 upgrade card, the apple video card, and the apple TV/FM radio card running OS 9.2.

  • eduardoig17
    eduardoig17Tahun Yang lalu

    they guy looks like a knockoff snazzy labs

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Well, I’m not. I’ve actually been on IDdown longer, so maybe Quinn is a knock-off Ken. The plot thickens... Quinn, I know you’ve watched some of our videos, so if you see this comment... hi! I don’t think I look like you. Haha.

  • Plazie Williams
    Plazie WilliamsTahun Yang lalu

    I Used To Play Crystal Caliburn all the time back in the late 90's early 2000's. Amazingly, the game is still for sell on littlewingpinball.com.

  • Atari Master
    Atari MasterTahun Yang lalu

    The space jam website hasn't updated since 1996 u can also use that to test ancient websites

  • Atari Master
    Atari MasterTahun Yang lalu

    Half the pins of a floppy drive cable were ground I had a drive where there was only 2 pins on the whole buttom row

  • DerNuntius
    DerNuntiusTahun Yang lalu

    Can you make a video installing Debian or Freebsd onto that system. Both are compatible with new Gen PowerPC processors. As a graphic environment I'd go with xfce or something other lightweight. I think the best idea is to use a very lightweight windows manager.

  • Madd the Sane

    Madd the Sane

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Computer Clan Remember: the Beige G3 is an Old World ROM machine. The last one, with boot icons being in color. You might have to install a boot-loader onto a CD, or use bootx for Linux (not the Apple version, the open source version).

  • DerNuntius


    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Computer Clan Nice, I would start with Debian and XFCE it's much easier than FreeBSD with much more software support. The nice thing with Linux or BSD is the up to date software incl. Browser.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    That sounds fun! I might do that.

  • Lee Tisdale
    Lee TisdaleTahun Yang lalu

    I have one of the power Macintosh 6800(it might be different) but we call it my first born. The bong on it was the first one I heard as a kid and thats when I fell in love with Apple

  • lilBigDev
    lilBigDevTahun Yang lalu

    Bone apple tit lol

  • Rupert C
    Rupert CTahun Yang lalu

    Ken, go and tell the guy who sold you this Power Macintosh G3 Minitower that this iBook G4 (www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iBook-G4-1-33-GHz-14-AirPort-ComboDrive-With-original-box/333208533206?hash=item4d94c6b8d6:g:ti4AAOSwnC1c5s3S) just can't find a startup disk, meaning either an OS is not installed, or the HDD is dead.

  • Tom Blog
    Tom BlogTahun Yang lalu

    I hated it, Mac OS sucked so much

  • Jeremy Travis
    Jeremy TravisTahun Yang lalu

    I still have a few G3 beige computers with Apple 17' & 20 " monitors. The video capture was a bit lame the same as my 8600. Nice to see some is still interested in vintage mac computing. How about installing a video capture card ?

  • TheA_Gamer554
    TheA_Gamer554Tahun Yang lalu

    hold up a minute, KK HAS A FACE?

  • Michael Timpson
    Michael TimpsonTahun Yang lalu

    why not install leopard on it?

  • Madd the Sane

    Madd the Sane

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Michael Timpson My experience wasn't good with Jaguar. Part of it might be due to me trying to push the computer to beyond its limits, though. That or I've been spoiled on later OS X releases (on other computers).

  • Michael Timpson

    Michael Timpson

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Yeah but it can run some earlier versions of OS X still

  • Madd the Sane

    Madd the Sane

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Ugh! That computer can barely run Jaguar! Not to mention that Leopard requires a G4 at 867 MHz. The G3 Beige only has a G3 at, at most, 333 MHz.

  • wendysremix
    wendysremixTahun Yang lalu

    16:57 Thinks its Quicktime version 3 or 4, Then says Quicktime 5 even though the about screen says Quicktime 6

  • Corrado Barbuiani
    Corrado BarbuianiTahun Yang lalu

    You better censor those UFOs, you never know.

  • Christopher Ryan
    Christopher RyanTahun Yang lalu

    Never had a G3 beige tower. I do however have 2 G3 blue and white towers. They have the radeon PCI cards in them.

  • Madd the Sane

    Madd the Sane

    Tahun Yang lalu

    The G3 Beige did have a built-in ATI graphics card, either an ATI 3d Rage II+DVD or an ATI 3D Rage Pro, depending on motherboard revision. The GPU has 2 MiB built-in, but can be expanded up to 6. The GPU didn't have 3D drivers for Mac OS X, though.

  • Go Clunker
    Go ClunkerTahun Yang lalu

    Back when computers were QUICK. Now we have BLOAT

  • eeejokesno
    eeejokesnoTahun Yang lalu

    My high school videography class had 2 of these with like 80 gigs worth of hard drives and 384 megs of RAM each. All rendering had to be done on nights or weekends. Some larger projects had to wait until long breaks. Teacher would go in every few days to make sure FinalCut hadn’t crashed. I think they were like $15,000 each

  • Smith Js
    Smith JsTahun Yang lalu

    I love these old machines. Remind me of when i was so poor and couldn't afford it. Now i will buy everything.

  • Tod Hollo
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  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

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  • Toaster Corporation
    Toaster CorporationTahun Yang lalu

    I was half expecting a pop from the monitor when you plugged it in, like the g5 lol.

  • PJBearstein
    PJBearsteinTahun Yang lalu

    Gosh is not a deity. It is Oh my God.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

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    Gosh doesn't have to be a deity. So I will continue saying what I say.

  • Atari Master
    Atari MasterTahun Yang lalu

    That's nothing my tandy monitor has 4 pins I think missing there just repeated ground pins

  • Simon Harris
    Simon HarrisTahun Yang lalu

    I wish the Golden Girls made a sex tape.

  • Pablo Ardana Pasczuk dos Santos Santos
    Pablo Ardana Pasczuk dos Santos SantosTahun Yang lalu

    Alllllllll anb mec g3