Cardieo Smartwatch is a SCAM! (Here's Why) - Krazy Ken's Tech Talk

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The $50 Cardieo smartwatch is said to be almost as "good" as a $300 Apple Watch. But do not be deceived. Cardieo's ads and website are full of false advertising. This product is a scam! Here's why…
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Krazy Ken's Tech Talk - Cardieo Smartwatch is a SCAM! (Here's Why)
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  • Computer Clan
    Computer Clan4 bulan yang lalu

    I'm back with more $CAM-BUSTING! I had a lot of fun looking into this one, so enjoy! Also, you can watch more knock-off / scam episodes here:​

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    2 bulan yang lalu

    @Lecter UmbrellaJax Thanks for watching. What website do we speak of? : )

  • Lecter UmbrellaJax

    Lecter UmbrellaJax

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Recently became a fan. Also, came across this website while watching this video. Maybe an updated review is in order?

  • Darth Awar

    Darth Awar

    2 bulan yang lalu

    @Anthony Harding He always has been Pro-Apple but he is fully in their system know he has not done a Windows Review or Comparison with MacOS in years!

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    2 bulan yang lalu

    @Anthony Harding haha. I am soooo not an Apple bit. Believe me. I don’t like everything they do, and I’ll poke fun at them everyday of the week, but if you want to be that shallow, go ahead and leave. 🤣 I’ll hold the door for you.

  • Anthony Harding

    Anthony Harding

    2 bulan yang lalu

    @Computer Clan Fine by me, just found you today you won't be missed. I don't follow tech guys who ignore the world outside apple and more then one of your vids makes it clear your an apple bot who supports what they themselves rip off.

  • Eric R
    Eric R2 hari yang lalu

    just as a joke, I bought an unbranded version of this watch a few months ago. It seems worth the $12 I paid for it, any more and it would be a rip-off

  • wpgrealestateexpert
    wpgrealestateexpert9 hari yang lalu

    Hi I am watching your video I had purchased this and holy moly what a piece of garbage. Terrible.. Terrrible.. I have to say the customer service was decent, but quality is horrible.

  • gelo helo
    gelo helo9 hari yang lalu

    10:24 caption this frame of the video

  • Corvus
    Corvus10 hari yang lalu

    2:47 Please tell me you legitimately punched a door.

  • Dolan Dumpf
    Dolan Dumpf11 hari yang lalu

    You know what’s really sad? I’ve watched a couple of your videos. I work in a callcenter for a big company that works in many different areas and it is actually legit. The calls I have with the customers of our customers are pretty similar than the ones you record. I feel like the people you call.

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith12 hari yang lalu

    It it cheap low price but not worth it. functionality is horrible and not close to Apple. Every app is worthless but it does look and feel similar so it you only want it to look like the real thing then maybe its for you.

  • You're a sneaky little impostor!
    You're a sneaky little impostor!13 hari yang lalu

    3:06 that os is used by Amazon Chinese watches and its an android port.

  • Dog Walker
    Dog Walker18 hari yang lalu

    Thing is it would be illegal to advertise crap like this on TV, Radio or cinema.

  • Skyler Azzuolo
    Skyler Azzuolo21 hari yang lalu

    Marketing is the be all and end all. As an avid Pebble fan, yep

  • Skyler Azzuolo
    Skyler Azzuolo21 hari yang lalu

    Patently False advertising

  • Javier Bocanegra
    Javier Bocanegra22 hari yang lalu

    Fantastic video! Thank you.

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R22 hari yang lalu

    The hilarious thing is that I keep getting Alibaba ads before your vids 🤔

  • Terry Sutherland
    Terry Sutherland23 hari yang lalu

    Where were you during the 2016 election? I think millions of people could have used your input.

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard23 hari yang lalu

    Rajesh, Jack, same difference

  • J E
    J E24 hari yang lalu

    I keep string all these stupid ads about cardieo and I hate it... it’s so cringe and gets everywhere.

  • Green Man
    Green Man24 hari yang lalu

    The explanation of how an OLED display works is simply wrong! Even Wikipedia gets it right.

  • Manly McStud
    Manly McStud24 hari yang lalu

    'made in ch--' nope!!!

  • Joao Israel Souza Ferreira
    Joao Israel Souza Ferreira25 hari yang lalu

    Seems legit...

  • audi4444player
    audi4444player25 hari yang lalu

    not to say it's not a scam but to be fair even real stuff that is ip68 usually will say not to swim with it, even if they show it in promos, and he said the money back would still be possible, which if true would be better than the real products that will have the warranty voided if the internal water markers are triggered, it also seems like they've just hired a call centre that deals with multiple companies, to make them seem more legit.

  • Gavin Wilkes
    Gavin Wilkes26 hari yang lalu

    So, to add more fuel to the fire: Going to their site now, when you click on one of the many "Order Now" buttons, it takes you to the page of what looks like another knock-off fitness tracker called Watch Track. What makes all of this seem fishy is that the contact address for Watch Track, when searched in Google, also shows, at the same address and suite (which is a UPS Store, BTW), a party bus company, a supposed power-saving device called Stop Watt, and a dash cam called Cam Handy. Even more strange, the website domains for Watch Track, Stop Watt, and Cam Handy, were all registered within two seconds of each other in June of 2020. One wonders if Ken would be willing to go down the rabbit hole on this one. My guess is the person that owns the party bus company is trying some side hustles while business is slow because of Covid.

  • Michael Whiting
    Michael Whiting28 hari yang lalu

    I can’t believe how good you really are, I think you would be great as a television show.

  • Michael Whiting
    Michael Whiting28 hari yang lalu

    I’m liking you already. I love the way you diseect everything. Your a pro.

  • solidus4prez
    solidus4prez29 hari yang lalu

    To the customer service rep's credit, he did a really good job with what he was given. Probably some third party given a script, but he showed diligence and understanding of Ken's concerns. Just not much he could do about it

  • Jason Li
    Jason Li29 hari yang lalu

    Love your content but I have to say it this time, I’m sick of the phrase “cheap Chinese-made garbage.” Say “cheap garbage” is amply sufficient, and adding racial implications will only fuel more racial biases. The fact that cheap garbage tends to come from China is because China literally makes every daily gadget out there (including quality ones), and I really hope people can start to see that.

  • Red Hooded Dude
    Red Hooded DudeBulan Yang lalu

    You can get one in Shenzhen for 10 bucks. LOL

  • Luke MacInnes
    Luke MacInnesBulan Yang lalu

    the moment they answer a call as something as generic as customer service you just know its some outsourced call centre that has nothing to do with the company

  • B Eric Shi
    B Eric ShiBulan Yang lalu

    On the back of the fake watch on the ad it says Apple watch

  • Horse335
    Horse335Bulan Yang lalu

    love your vids and busting the fakers. it does anger me that i see these adds for products and it makes me think "is that legit?" then i find your review and its completely a LIE! dam scammers.

  • Shay Howe
    Shay HoweBulan Yang lalu

    _"So it seems like there's a lot of contradictions going on here..."_ I'll have to say, "contradictions" is an interesting euphemism for "blatant lies."

  • Frugal Gardener
    Frugal GardenerBulan Yang lalu

    You didn't send it back....

  • Bartosz Dąbek
    Bartosz DąbekBulan Yang lalu

    Just buy yourself a Mi Band 5 (or any smartwatch from Xiaomi) It's superb for the price and capabilities. Don't invest in car die'o. I have my Mi Band 5 at least 4 months and it's keeping up great with time.

  • Malikah Hylton
    Malikah HyltonBulan Yang lalu

    At least you were able to call customer service

  • Malikah Hylton
    Malikah HyltonBulan Yang lalu

    There was not an app to connect it to my phone

  • Xione08
    Xione08Bulan Yang lalu

    In my opinion, if they were HONEST about the product's functionality and quality, I think people would still buy the watch for $50, even based on your review. Many parents would buy the watch for their kids as a cheaper alternative to other smartwatches, especially younger kids(10 and under). Kids tend to be rough on tech and I know parents cringe at the thought of dropping $300-$400 on a product that their kids will likely lose or break. However, $50 on a product that mostly works would be more acceptable. Plus it could be presented as a "starter" watch to the children with the promise that if they can care for this watch they might actually get the more expensive smartwatch later on. I think there is a legitimate market for this watch. The "GET RICH QUICK" mindset of the people promoting the watch has actually caused them to miss out on a very real and lucrative opportunity.

  • JJ Hoffan
    JJ HoffanBulan Yang lalu

    Just buy the galaxy fit 2 instead. It’s actually good smart watch for 50 bucks.

  • Lydia Edwards
    Lydia EdwardsBulan Yang lalu

    I unfortunately fell scam to this horrible piece of crap fake cardio watch scam ! I didn’t realize they spelled it wrong by putting die in it lol ! It cost me over $109 in disputes and I never got my money back even after the fact that I sent it back to the sender it “never returned “ was sent to me months after the purchase and came completely broken and wouldn’t even turn on after 5 seconds so much for battery life . I hope those people get sued for the lies and stealing and hardship they cost . Screw these people who pray on people like this . I am so mad and all the upsales of course I got all the extra cheep wristbands too big for my wrist .

  • Ripzey
    RipzeyBulan Yang lalu

    Dude I got one from my grandparents

  • TheTechChannel 1
    TheTechChannel 1Bulan Yang lalu

    The Apple Watch SE is great for the price! I love it

    DANIEL M.Bulan Yang lalu

    It's sad that now I know the name of the watch my mother bought, it's the -Minimum- Max Watch.

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard SamuelsonBulan Yang lalu

    Wait...if they blatantly ripped off Apple for the watches, even using Apple's home screen on the box...couldn't Apple sue them into the ground? I'm surprised they haven't already.

  • Rene Schmökel
    Rene SchmökelBulan Yang lalu

    On amazon you can get a cheap fitnesswatch for 30 to 40 euros and it seems much better than this

  • cringe
    cringeBulan Yang lalu

    I think they took the website down lmao

  • Kxe
    KxeBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine if Cardieo copyrighted this

  • 岩本照ケネス
    岩本照ケネスBulan Yang lalu

    1:21 Square Display using TFT PLS / IPS LCD I already know that watch does not use OLED because it has no Pure Black like OLED/AMOLED

  • Koholos
    KoholosBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t understand why anyone would want a smart watch to begin with.

  • pavy415
    pavy415Bulan Yang lalu

    Lol puts it in the water for a whole night when nobody swims or showers over 8 hours without a break hahahah of course it will leak

  • Jabberkong
    JabberkongBulan Yang lalu

    The GPS isn't for you. The GPS is for the corporation and CCP to monitor you 😮😮😮😆😆😆

  • Techrat3D
    Techrat3DBulan Yang lalu

    11:07 - Ah. The Indian English hotline voice. Where the entire sentence is spoken as ONE WORD.

  • Deborah Carol
    Deborah CarolBulan Yang lalu

    I bought two watches neither worked. No customer service for refund. I emailed no response. No response to call.

  • DJ Raspberry
    DJ RaspberryBulan Yang lalu

    Review the pulsar buds! Lol

  • Thierry Vermeiren
    Thierry VermeirenBulan Yang lalu

    I would dissect their their crap and shove it back up their as$ also i'll bet the HR sensor is fake, very common in cheap chinese smartwatches. i opened a few up and only found a green led on the backside but not actually a sensor.

  • Jim Y
    Jim YBulan Yang lalu

    you didn't notice your total was 50% more than what it should have been for just the watch? you had to click more than just the big green button. ; ]

  • talha driss
    talha driss2 bulan yang lalu

    In the video they say it tells time hhhhh

  • Tech Degenerate
    Tech Degenerate2 bulan yang lalu

    this guys whole existence is POOR APPLE almost every video.

  • King Wombat
    King Wombat2 bulan yang lalu

    They could have just advertised it as a low budget smartwatch, got the GPS implemented, hired some kid to design a more unique interface for peanuts, and they might have made a decent amount of money.

  • callsignvibe
    callsignvibe2 bulan yang lalu

    7:05 the lag! 😂 hit the road Jack!

  • Calemnvir de Eramant
    Calemnvir de Eramant2 bulan yang lalu

    Of course the customer support had an indian accent

  • Calemnvir de Eramant
    Calemnvir de Eramant2 bulan yang lalu

    Oh god im pretty sure i can count the frame rate of that display

  • Raven GamingYT Love Boo
    Raven GamingYT Love Boo2 bulan yang lalu

    I bet the guy you called had this site to say what to say when people ask things about the watch, the site, and coplaining about it being a scam

  • Tony Aaz
    Tony Aaz2 bulan yang lalu

    Can this companies being sued by apple for using their advertisement and damaging their business image plus making profit using their image to sale their crap?

  • Yiannis Mantheakis
    Yiannis Mantheakis2 bulan yang lalu

    It was an Indian on the phone; hmm Scam much?

  • Ed Kummel
    Ed Kummel2 bulan yang lalu

    I love how the guy on the phone knew immediately what was in the manual, but had to refer back to the website to check those claims...

  • Kurt Vock
    Kurt Vock2 bulan yang lalu

    Hi I wish there would be more People like you " Say it the way it is "

  • Esk8 Forum
    Esk8 Forum2 bulan yang lalu

    If anyone falls for this garbage marketing then they deserve it.

  • Cynic The Hedgehog
    Cynic The Hedgehog2 bulan yang lalu

    A $50 product could be as good as $500 product if not for capitalism

  • Al71
    Al712 bulan yang lalu

    India Tech Support, nice

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips2 bulan yang lalu

    He protect, he attack, but mostly he use facts.

  • Jack Hainsworth
    Jack Hainsworth2 bulan yang lalu

    For a minute I thought he was advertising his Patreon to the scammer on the phone.

  • RoxasZy98
    RoxasZy982 bulan yang lalu

    I bought some nylon bands for my galaxy watch because for some reason the default rubber bands just made my skin die. It couldnt breathe. For a 3 bucks china product (before covid) it was very worth it

  • saormart
    saormart2 bulan yang lalu

    You just got my attention (just got also a new subscriber) .... I work with technology also, and I can tell you, they're building even wifi routers out there that spy you !

  • Jiglypop
    Jiglypop2 bulan yang lalu

    I feel bad for the customer service agent. He has to explain to customers why the product sucks and get roasted for it. Its so sad that these bigtime scammer companies getting rich and some 3rd world country dude takes the blame from customers. Never knowing his job really was a psychological trap that causes mental health problems and tremendous stress from call center workers :(

  • Jhardy0786
    Jhardy07862 bulan yang lalu

    I’m very surprised Apple has not closed them down they usually go after companies like this

  • Harry Bhuller
    Harry Bhuller2 bulan yang lalu

    Wish I’d seen your video before buying one of these!

  • Frank Boogaard
    Frank Boogaard2 bulan yang lalu

    LOL, that guy from the call centre? He is the exact same one as in those Windows Error Scams. No, really, go check some of those out. Same guy ;)

  • Myron D. Yoder
    Myron D. Yoder2 bulan yang lalu

    I wish I would have found you a month ago.. I thought I was a bit tech savvy, I know how most gadgets work, but I am not so savy with the marketing and value of some tech products. So, I bit on the Cardieo watch, and got up sold the charger as well... 🙁 I also saw the claim of waterproof-ness.... and wore it in the shower, and it too quit working... I sent them an email saying how the watch quit. They said, show proof of purchase or invoice, AND a short video describing the issue with the watch... I just showed that the watch no longer worked... they sent me a new one, no further questions asked... so theres that...😊 but yeah pretty disappointed by its less than average performance... 🙁

  • Colin Martin
    Colin Martin2 bulan yang lalu

    I don't get why people buy this crap when xaomi makes really, really nice smartwatches that do everything an apple watch does (except the 2 lead EKG which is irrelevant and generally not very useful - I'm a paramedic, trust me, the 2 lead on an apple watch has been a cause for so many freaking pointless 911 calls) for like $50-100. I use the amazfit (partner brand to xaomi, basically the same) fitness-focused band, it was like fuckin' $25. It has tons and TONS of fun faces, and does literally EVERYTHING my wife's $250 fitbit smartwatch does, including the smart wake, blood oxygen, pulse (again, these are fun features but not very accurate for a lot of fun medical reasons) and reads my texts/locates/unlocks my phone, everything I want, for $25. It's literally better than the fitbit version anyways because it doesn't lock off the health tracking features behind a monthly subscription paywall, and doesn't have the bulky screen size of a full smartwatch, so I can wear a NORMAL watch on the other wrist and not look like a doofus. But Xaomi and Amazfit both make full size smartwatches too for just a hair more money. But no other company apart from fitbit (whom has the aforementioned paywall) even makes a fitness-focused slim/narrow bracelet style band that has smart-wake technology other than xaomi/amazfit, so this $25 smartwatch doesn't even have a competitor for me to want more.

  • A Wanderer
    A Wanderer2 bulan yang lalu

    Those Cardieo aren't meant to compared with AppleWatch, it is more fairly compared to $20 T-500 Chinese smartwatch.

  • Memes XD
    Memes XD2 bulan yang lalu

    i swear the scam caller is always indian, why?

  • Bester Bould
    Bester Bould2 bulan yang lalu

    Your videos have helped me to convince my dad to stop buying tech shit from wish so thank you.

  • Brian Hartman
    Brian Hartman2 bulan yang lalu

    I have a Gear S3 Classic that I got off of eBay. It cost me $60, used. If you know what features you're looking for, and you don't mind not having the latest and greatest, you can find deals.

  • CrimsonKamina
    CrimsonKamina2 bulan yang lalu

    So this might be an odd request but would anyone happen to have the contact info for these guys? My mom got tricked into ordering one for my aunt’s birthday (funny enough my mom’s doctor recommended it, and my aunt’s bf bought her an Apple Watch) A couple days after she ordered it the thing broke and she’s been trying to return it and get a refund, but we can’t seem to find the website she got it from and there seems to be no records of bank transactions, or emails from the company.

  • Kevin Webster
    Kevin Webster2 bulan yang lalu

    How did I know the person on the phone was going to be Indian?

  • Willvisions Media
    Willvisions Media2 bulan yang lalu

    Can you post people please. I know a few

  • Shane Threlfall
    Shane Threlfall2 bulan yang lalu

    Buyer beware...... Be... Very... Aware

  • Gimiter
    Gimiter2 bulan yang lalu

    you must remember apple is overprice

    K-SING–PRODUCTIONS2 bulan yang lalu

    IDdown even makes spams entertaining!💯💯

  • Astatine
    Astatine2 bulan yang lalu

    Are you sure Jaack is not Indian dude. He sounds like an Indian dude.

  • Bart
    Bart2 bulan yang lalu

    Open it up. What's inside!

  • abraxys
    abraxys2 bulan yang lalu

    Love the review of the smart watch Ken. There are so many knock off companies trying to imitate smart watches that you don't know what ones you can trust and which ones are the best value for your level of budget. It's great to see someone like you debunking adverts to help the average Joe make those rational decisions about tech. Subscribed, like and shared 👍👍

  • John1Y
    John1Y2 bulan yang lalu

    Well you should check out watchplaystore, that watch is at least 10x better than this crap xd

    RYAN SCHULTE2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Ken. Actually bought 3. They. Are. GARBAGE. Wife did dishes and splashed the watch....ded. I forgot to remove watch while showering...ded. 13 yrs old says hers doesn't charge fully. Garbage.

  • jailbird1133
    jailbird11332 bulan yang lalu

    Ill only buy a smart pocketwatch. I cant stand the feel of a watch on my wrist. So far I havent found a smart pocketwatch though, so I guess Ill never buy a smart watch.

  • Mitsurugi2424
    Mitsurugi24242 bulan yang lalu

    Is it irony that the add below the video, for me at least, was for a knock off apple watch?

  • thanaGogical
    thanaGogical2 bulan yang lalu

    "may i have your zip code"? i don't deal with a lot of customer support folk but this seems damn unusual

  • Keb8907
    Keb89072 bulan yang lalu

    Just merely going off of the video edit but it appears as though that is a generic call center. Most likely given scripts for numerous different companies and has absolutely nothing to do with cardio outside of that.

  • Stephen Coleman
    Stephen Coleman2 bulan yang lalu

    Apple watch won't help me. Android user.

  • Andy Sutcliffe
    Andy Sutcliffe2 bulan yang lalu

    I love that all the adverts on this video that IDdown added were for knockoff Apple watches.

  • David Rowlands
    David Rowlands2 bulan yang lalu

    how do they get away with false claims?? here in the UK what is advertised on tv has to be what you get we have trading standards, dont you have that in USA ?

  • Lucia Simone
    Lucia Simone2 bulan yang lalu

    In their defense, the gps integration could be there but just for run tracking or biking. For example, my garmin doesn’t give me directions, but it can track my mileage this way.