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macOS Big Sur is the biggest change to the macOS since Mac OS X. It has an all-new design, and tons of new features, like: Control Center, a new Notification Center, Safari 14, an updated Maps app, a new Messages app, and more. We'll look at the new stuff today, then I'll show you some tips and tricks (including some hidden stuff). Wink.
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Krazy Ken's Tech Talk - macOS Big Sur Tour, Tips, and Tricks
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  • Computer Clan
    Computer Clan5 bulan yang lalu

    Enjoy the new episode! Stay tuned for more iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple silicon goodness! And feel free to download our wallpapers with the link in the description. 💡Also, thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring today's episode! Click the link in the description to sign up free, and save 20% on Brilliant Premium. They have plenty of computer-related courses to fill your brains.

  • Ashton Maximo

    Ashton Maximo

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Preston Darwin damn! It took about 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

  • Adrian Sandu

    Adrian Sandu

    5 bulan yang lalu

    @FlamingKillerMC im thinking of getting a gpu for now

  • FlamingKillerMC


    5 bulan yang lalu

    @Adrian Sandu If you have the budget definitely get a i5 or a i7, a i3 is kinda outdated

  • Adrian Sandu

    Adrian Sandu

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Can you tell me if an i3 3220 and a nvidia gtx 1650 oc bottleneck?

  • FlamingKillerMC


    5 bulan yang lalu


  • karl glunt
    karl glunt2 hari yang lalu

    What about photo background using photo library

  • Arnav
    Arnav11 hari yang lalu

    I am watching it for customize my Linux os

  • Darwin Kim
    Darwin Kim14 hari yang lalu

    I downloaded a patcher from github and it worked fine on my mid-2012 air

  • macOS
    macOS28 hari yang lalu

    Why is there a g5 i mac behind you running big sur

  • mawj09 Second channel
    mawj09 Second channelBulan Yang lalu

    85% of the comments are about the Software Showcase music return

  • Jexanti
    JexantiBulan Yang lalu

    wait just watching this back but when did they change it to sonumi

  • Irv Guint
    Irv GuintBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like you have a non touchbar macbook pro. Can you test playing fullscreen video on safari? My 2015 MacBook pro crashes constantly

  • Junk Account
    Junk AccountBulan Yang lalu

    I'm suprised no one has mentioned the (presumably gutted) iMac 2006 in the back running macOS Big Sur.

  • Thuz De Fonseka
    Thuz De Fonseka2 bulan yang lalu

    Hi . I'm looking for a retro mac

  • Tony Berkopes
    Tony Berkopes2 bulan yang lalu

    For Safari-- can someone verify the new OS has code to bypass your proxy and VPN so they can still send info to apple. ALL means the apps you run, the web sites u goto etc etc!! Not good!!!

  • Samuel-Wan Kenobi
    Samuel-Wan Kenobi2 bulan yang lalu

    I don’t have the money for a Mac but want to get one some day

  • AA13 Playz
    AA13 Playz2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey what music do you use in the Misadventures? And what music do you use also in Tech Talk?

  • The Diamond
    The Diamond2 bulan yang lalu

    I currently use Windows 10

  • The Diamond
    The Diamond2 bulan yang lalu

    I want to get Mac OS Big Sur

  • Alyx Mitchell
    Alyx Mitchell2 bulan yang lalu

    ok but did anyone else notice the icons on the dock being rainbow

  • Elisa J Waukazo
    Elisa J Waukazo2 bulan yang lalu

    Interface makes no sense without a touch screen in my opinion and I still think that 10.6 was the best Mac OS version

  • cactus & more cactus
    cactus & more cactus2 bulan yang lalu

    as someone who isn't a mac user, god some of this stuff is so confusing like, (thing) is new??? you HAVEN'T had this for years???

  • Ant Brad
    Ant Brad2 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Ken I can’t get after effects to run on big sur... have yiu any ideas? Thanks

  • Funpressstar 7566
    Funpressstar 75662 bulan yang lalu

    Guys you don’t you to back up

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards2 bulan yang lalu

    I have a weird problem with Preview/Screenshot on my Mac (BigSur) that seems to have developed in the last few weeks. I normally take a screenshot PNG or convert to JPEG of my IDdown vids to use on IDdown. I use preview to add text to them. My problem is now when I set the text to 200 pt size the text comes out quite small whereas before it used to be huge when set at 200 pt. I've literally formatted my MacBook Pro as thought I might have installed some software that corrupted it but it's still the same. The text size thing works fine (huge text on size 200) when I download an image or use one I've taken on my phone so maybe it's something in screenshot that has changed? Has anyone else noticed this or could you test yours to see if it does the same as it's driving me nuts!

  • EwAdd
    EwAdd3 bulan yang lalu

    i ordered my first mac less than an hour ago and i am just so excited!

  • Mike Hampshire
    Mike Hampshire3 bulan yang lalu


  • Vinsen Lim
    Vinsen Lim3 bulan yang lalu

    So, Are Macbook Pro 2015 still worth for long term use? Maybe for 10 years from now?

  • lilroxie therichwoodkid
    lilroxie therichwoodkid3 bulan yang lalu

    Me with my mid 2012 MBP with 2TB SSD and ¹6GB of RAM: Damn time to sell my kidney and my MBP for a Late 2013... yippee 🙄

  • F.O. Bob
    F.O. Bob3 bulan yang lalu

    Late to this thread. If you have a 2014 or older Mac, avoid Big Sur. I have helped several friends roll back to Catalina or Mojave after they ran into various issues with Big Sur.

  • James Chambers
    James Chambers3 bulan yang lalu

    mac os big sur made my 2017 macbook air considerably slower... I had to downgrade to catalina again...

  • John Casey
    John Casey3 bulan yang lalu

    Everything looks cool and very interesting

  • SF SF
    SF SF3 bulan yang lalu

    I got big sur but still no 4k youtube video on safari

  • gomez richard
    gomez richard3 bulan yang lalu

    this sounds good, but all the features are buggy. I hate that I spend so much money for it not to work.

  • John Ely
    John Ely3 bulan yang lalu

    "Big Sur" should be renamed "Big Slow". Everything is slower.....slow start up, (incredibly slow), slow to open applications. I have plenty of storage available so that's not a problem. Catalina was excellent, had no problems and was fast! Come on Apple what have you done?

  • M.Mustafa EREN
    M.Mustafa EREN3 bulan yang lalu


  • Doggo
    Doggo3 bulan yang lalu

    I dislike that they made it look so much like iOS

  • Leo Chan
    Leo Chan4 bulan yang lalu

    All of this is useless to me. Safari, Never use it never will because I can already customize my browser on firefox way before Big sur. How about customizing mouse cursor instead boring black arrow or customizing that ugly blue folder icon. Maybe moving wallpaper on dasktop. Oh wait this is apple we are talking about, and that's why I have both Mac and gaming pc!! I can do all of this on a gaming PC.

  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclist4 bulan yang lalu

    I'm stuck on Mojave because Apple dropped 32 backward compatibility (I'll have to wait until they get either bootcamp or crossover to work on the new architecture).

  • docdizzle666
    docdizzle6664 bulan yang lalu

    Big Sur came preinstalled on my M1 Mac mini. I actually only got the M1 because it was new and different, kind of the complete opposite of when I got my iBook G4 in mid-2005. Since I use an iPad Pro and iPhone 12, the integration between the 3 is amazing.

  • Simos805
    Simos8054 bulan yang lalu

    Favicons existed on Safari a for a long time now.

  • Skyblocc PVP
    Skyblocc PVP4 bulan yang lalu

    hmmmmmmmmmm ios 15?

  • Joris S
    Joris S4 bulan yang lalu

    DO NOT downlaod mac os big sur on 2013-2014 macbook pro 13", 'cause there is a very high possibility that it will brick your system. Os x installer kills an I/O board that contains wifi card, sd card slot, usb and hdmi.

  • Max Oakland
    Max Oakland4 bulan yang lalu

    There are so many things I like about this update but so many things I don’t - Can’t stand that so many things are hidden til you mouse over like proxy icons - Don’t like that all the icons are the same shape - I don’t like the title bars. The way they’re combining them with toolbars is awkward and it bugs me so much that the title text is no longer centered

  • egzile 10
    egzile 104 bulan yang lalu

    there is now no way to turn subtitles on and off with the new Apple TV app thing. i've looked everywhere. anyone else have this problem?

  • WelcometoVideoCity
    WelcometoVideoCity4 bulan yang lalu

    Looks like pretty software bloat to me. Designed to force people to buy the new disposable 'bic lighter' macs.

  • Tihomir Todorov
    Tihomir Todorov4 bulan yang lalu

    Can You Please try to instal Windows 10 Using ParaLLels desktop if its possible with Big Sur ...

    DIGI-WORLD-GEN4 bulan yang lalu

    Hey why don't you try out ibuntu os , it is far better then pear os , you can get it at , believe me you will be impressed it after you try it out and you will forget pear os. All the problems that you have with pear os is not here in ibuntu . Please inform me if you want more information about it or if you want to Review it . You will love it and maybe use it as your main driver believe me.

  • Brian Oglow
    Brian Oglow4 bulan yang lalu

    After I updated to Catalina my mbp was slow & sluggish, does this new OS fix that or should I downgrade? Thanks

  • Nikhil M Warrier
    Nikhil M Warrier4 bulan yang lalu

    So they did change the battery icon...

  • Martie Hoover
    Martie Hoover4 bulan yang lalu

    Great intro to Big Sur. There are two things I already don't like though. Notifications hid the + sign in its new location next to the URL. And when I do a screenshot I have to go to File Rename to change it from Untitled> Right? Used to only have to click and type the new name. I hope there's something I'm missing. I'm sure you'll tell me. ;)

  • NXX99
    NXX994 bulan yang lalu

    4:34 lol! **sonic the hedgehog intensifies**

  • A.J.J Studios
    A.J.J Studios4 bulan yang lalu

    That wallpaper tho (is like the apple October promo event) P.S. I like that sonic joke in 4:33

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids4 bulan yang lalu

    I actually switch to safari with Big Sur, the new major changes made me want to use it

  • Shked102
    Shked1024 bulan yang lalu

    Big Sur is ugly, still using Catalina

  • Jassprit Singh Kalsi
    Jassprit Singh Kalsi4 bulan yang lalu

    Catalina to Big Sur transaction on my 27 inch iMac 🖥 was like stealing candy from a baby super easy

  • M j G
    M j G4 bulan yang lalu

    *MacBook Pro Retina, Early 2015 users:* Can anyone tell me if they experienced any problems updating to Big Sur on their machines? I have a 2.7 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory. I am running macOS Catalina latest version 10.15.7 just fine, but I'm scared to have my machine get bricked or slowed down by Big Sur. Anyone with my mac Specs experienced any issues?

  • noah bay
    noah bay4 bulan yang lalu


  • United Sparks
    United Sparks4 bulan yang lalu

    Round Corners become more and more noticeable. Maybe I will update my system when windows in macOS be look like complete circles

  • Mole
    Mole4 bulan yang lalu

    5:30 I switched to Mac about two years ago (still using Windows 10 via Bootcamp for FL Studio tho). Am I the only one who thinks 'QuickTIme' looks nothing like a proper video player or is there anything I am missing? If they are trying to modernise MacOS and make it iOS-like, that's great, but then why don't they just make the Photos app behave like the default and only photos/video player and make it work and look modern and seamless like on iOS? Especially now that the M1 is available to bridge the gap between MacOS and iOS. Instead we get the ridiculously outdated-looking 'QuickTIme'?

  • Nicolas Lamoureux
    Nicolas Lamoureux4 bulan yang lalu

    Got a question, is it possible to copy past files from the mac to an android for example, or an iPhone, like on windows? Cause last time i got an MBA (2015) +iPhone 8, i could only transfer files from the iPhone to the mac but not reverse. I don't like iTunes + i don't have a good network connexion so airdrops is limited. Thanks in advance

  • Pmate
    Pmate4 bulan yang lalu

    My Macbook air had a seizure and turned green while installing then went back to normal I ate a burger

  • Gaurav Mouli Gaurav Mouli
    Gaurav Mouli Gaurav Mouli4 bulan yang lalu

    Hey, Thank you! I really appreciate the video is was easier to understand.

  • adam o
    adam o5 bulan yang lalu

    my iMac 2017 work slow on Big Sur, Catalina was faster :(

  • Mark Bowen
    Mark Bowen5 bulan yang lalu

    Have always just held down the command key over a title to see where a document is located. Hovering over a title and it shows an icon doesn't really tell people they can right click on it. I don't think so anyway. Neat feature so sure I'm possibly missing something here?

  • ItsmeSB
    ItsmeSB5 bulan yang lalu

    I'm using the Ben Sova patcher for it on my MBP 2012 and my Mac Pro 2009 and it's great!

  • Ajay Randolph
    Ajay Randolph5 bulan yang lalu

    My MacBook refuses to install Big Sur so help

  • Fletchable
    Fletchable5 bulan yang lalu

    Awesome job, Ken. :)

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller5 bulan yang lalu

    Omg 😮 *Hackmania0* via 1ig he just got my girlfriend device unlock perfectly and legit within an hour

  • Hatz Cu mamaliga
    Hatz Cu mamaliga5 bulan yang lalu

    Mine successfully unlocked by *#LAWTOLLS* on Instagram his my hero, he is legit and genuis

  • Gonzalo Vargas
    Gonzalo Vargas5 bulan yang lalu

    Since I updated to Big Sur I cannot attach files on Outook app, sync files on Teams or any site using Chrome or Firefox, except via Safari. F***!!

  • T B
    T B5 bulan yang lalu

    Really liked your video im so undecided about which device I want to buy 😫 the new iPad Air4 or the MacBook Air M1. I've never had a Macbook i have had an iPad loved it but its almost as expensive as the base Macbook Air M1, I wonder if you could recommend a better deal for the money? Also is the Macbook able to pay the same games as the ipad air?

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright5 bulan yang lalu

    How do you change the menu bar color? Is that just newer models of macs?

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    No color change. That's just how it is : ) It adapts to the colors of your wallpaper, and blends them into a frosted glass-like appearance.

  • The Casual Subculturist
    The Casual Subculturist5 bulan yang lalu

    It really feels like iPadOS

  • Wisdom From the Woods
    Wisdom From the Woods5 bulan yang lalu

    ? new sound effects ? uh, those are the Same as , well, forever. I mean, forever. same o same o system sounds.

  • John Nicolas
    John Nicolas5 bulan yang lalu

    Im sorry but my 13" MacBook Pro feels like 10" now because everything takes up more space

  • DefOJ


    5 bulan yang lalu

    And you think that’s a problem??? I just helped install it on my brothers 11 inch MacBook Air, which was a TERRIBLE mistake, because now the already bad 1366x768 screen looks like 800x600

  • Isaac Miller
    Isaac Miller5 bulan yang lalu

    I highly recommend *Hackmania0* on 1ig he’s really sure he got my wife iCloud unlock perfectly and legit

  • Jexanti
    Jexanti5 bulan yang lalu

    AAH *faints* he didn’t say **hey guys how yall doing really that’s just great ya know I’m doing pretty well too**

  • Jexanti


    5 bulan yang lalu

    @Computer Clan I NEED that back :)

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Haha. A few people have been pointing that out (even within the last hour! Spooky.) So I had a few complaints about it, so I wanted to try something different-as an experiment. I'll mull it over, but I'm sure I'll bring that line back. : )

  • Charlie Puth Daily Updates
    Charlie Puth Daily Updates5 bulan yang lalu

    does it run office word?

  • ultra
    ultra5 bulan yang lalu

    is anyone here still having problems with the updates? Im still trying to figure out the solution

  • King Dee, Gaming and Memes
    King Dee, Gaming and Memes5 bulan yang lalu

    Can't wait till 11.6 when Intel Macs are dropped.

  • Abubakar Gujjar
    Abubakar Gujjar5 bulan yang lalu

    Mine successfully unlocked by *#LAWTOLLS* on Instagram hes my hero.

  • cyd
    cyd5 bulan yang lalu

    The wallpaper makes me like big sur's design.

  • Tara FitzGerald
    Tara FitzGerald5 bulan yang lalu

    I love watching this kind of video because they help me think up features I hadn't thought of to look for in my Linux install. ;) (no hate for Mac - given a choice between Mac & Windows I'll take Mac any day of the week... but I run Linux by choice). The sign language thing is cool... and a big step towards having it recognize & give on the fly subtitles for sign but that's gonna require a lot more machine learning I think.... sadly, that's the only thing it's got that I didn't already have on my system. :(

  • Adam Buker
    Adam Buker5 bulan yang lalu

    I was so sad when they disabled the startup chime. The startup chime/beep was featured on Apple computers since even before the Mac starting with the first Apple ][.

  • KarlemBeast
    KarlemBeast5 bulan yang lalu

    You convinced me to upgrade as soon as you mentioned 4k video playback support on Safari ))

  • Arthur Martins Gonçalves
    Arthur Martins Gonçalves5 bulan yang lalu

    I turned your Windows 7 Installation Commemoration into a page of the Computer Clan Wiki. Go see it

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    @Arthur Martins Gonçalves Thanks : D

  • Arthur Martins Gonçalves

    Arthur Martins Gonçalves

    5 bulan yang lalu

    @Computer Clan

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Coolio. Which wiki?

  • Zen Yorkfield
    Zen Yorkfield5 bulan yang lalu

    If only the installation is not failing.

  • Island Gordon 345
    Island Gordon 3455 bulan yang lalu

    When will Apple enable us to use your apple watch with your iPad or Mac???

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Uh. What would the benefit of that be?

  • Yves
    Yves5 bulan yang lalu

    windows is still inconsistent af. it feels like a Frankenstein

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn5 bulan yang lalu

    I just updated from Catalina to Big Sur and now everything is so slowwwww. Even it is really hard to scroll on FB website.

  • Carlo Carriero

    Carlo Carriero

    23 hari yang lalu

    Did you guys find a fix?

  • delerium974


    5 bulan yang lalu

    not to mention that it heats up very much, the fan runs continuously(with noise) and all this without open any tasks (MBP 2019) Catalina remains the best choice for me 😑😑😑

  • Gretchen Stamm
    Gretchen Stamm5 bulan yang lalu

    for the most part i don't mind it, but really don't like the top bar changes with the background, and if I change in accessibility it changes look of bottom bar

  • Q9SR
    Q9SR5 bulan yang lalu

    i might be dumb but every video i look at of big sur updates i literally cant find a custom widget thing so its probably old

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall5 bulan yang lalu

    I just wish they hadn't made it look like a Crayola OS. This is perfect for my 6 year old.

  • Roberto
    Roberto5 bulan yang lalu

    macOS 11, the one that takes privacy a step back thanks to apple *allegedly* logging all you do, all apps you use, when you use them, where you use them.

  • Flex4249
    Flex42495 bulan yang lalu

    still waiting for dosdudes patcher for my mid 2012 mbp so I can try it out

  • Stephanie McKaskle
    Stephanie McKaskle5 bulan yang lalu

    I'm not upgrading to this one. I think it's goofy. I don't want my computer to look like my phone and iPad.

  • Kicking a wall on sundAe

    Kicking a wall on sundAe

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Finally, someone who agrees with me!

  • Tom Fraser
    Tom Fraser5 bulan yang lalu

    There is a "feature" that prevents you from writing files to the root of your drive or even creating a folder in the root of the drive. So Lame!

  • Sky Gamer
    Sky Gamer5 bulan yang lalu

    My poor 2012 MacBook Pro

  • Andrew Cousins
    Andrew Cousins5 bulan yang lalu

    Also older Macs are now using the new startup chime. I did a double take when I heard the new chime come from my 2015 MacBook Pro..

  • RaisedByCats
    RaisedByCats5 bulan yang lalu

    The biggest change is that Mac OS phones home with your personal data and with Big Sur you can't stop it. @t

  • Eli Farmer

    Eli Farmer

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Big OOF

  • Yusuke
    Yusuke5 bulan yang lalu

    I’m waiting a bit until i’m gonna update, i still love the looks of Catalina

  • defob
    defob5 bulan yang lalu

    imo it's terrible

  • Alpha Tauri
    Alpha Tauri5 bulan yang lalu

    Nice! The icons in the Dock are arranged according to color

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    5 bulan yang lalu

    Glad someone pointed that out. I do the same with my iPhone home screen, haha.