MacBook Pro RAM Issue (Beeps and Black Bars) - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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This 2012 MacBook Pro is infamous for having RAM issues-resulting in beeps and black bars. Thanks to Apple's "genius" engineering, Krazy Ken must team up with Jay and Greg to tackle this issue!
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Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures - MacBook Pro RAM Issue (Beeps and Black Bars)
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NOTE: When Jay mentions the feet (at 13:04), I accidentally included a b-roll shot that does NOT show the feet. That shot actually shows RAM pins soldered straight to the board.
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  • Satoshi Stacker
    Satoshi StackerHari Yang lalu

    Am very thanks to *PROXYTECH*on IG he is legit and fast.he fixed my Mac book....

  • Wesley Virgin
    Wesley Virgin2 hari yang lalu

    I decided to try *PROXYTECH* on Instagram after been scammed serve times and he was able fix my laptop. All thanks to him...........

  • repang Isaac
    repang Isaac2 hari yang lalu

    After trying to unlock my Mac book, I decide to try *CRESHTOOLS* on Instagram And helped me unlock my Mac book. Try him.........

  • Altcoin Daily
    Altcoin Daily2 hari yang lalu

    I will never stop recommending people to *CRESHTOOLS on Instagram* for his Good work he has done for me ,he fixed my MacBook without stress...

  • Robert Reid!
    Robert Reid!11 hari yang lalu

    1:30 Yep, that’s what I want to see when I turn my Mac on.

  • Tony Tran
    Tony Tran19 hari yang lalu

    Why did the Apple Studio didn't stand in the intro?

  • Miguel Purino
    Miguel Purino24 hari yang lalu

    3 beeps every 5 seconds means the RAM did not pass an integrity check, as in the memory might be unstable.

  • Think with shemos Ashraf
    Think with shemos Ashraf2 bulan yang lalu

    I wish you get 1 million subscribers 😊 😊 😊

  • Ruchika Agarwal
    Ruchika Agarwal2 bulan yang lalu

    ka kara ka ka re woa ha ha ha

  • Big Bang Pegasus_01
    Big Bang Pegasus_012 bulan yang lalu

    His macbook is the same thing happening to me...

  • Alex cel unic
    Alex cel unic2 bulan yang lalu

    I know i saw when you put the finger to the bars and the firnger was seeing like i was edited

  • Alex cel unic
    Alex cel unic2 bulan yang lalu

    The bars and flicker are edited

  • Askew Kee90
    Askew Kee902 bulan yang lalu

    Nonk bonk

  • Askew Kee90
    Askew Kee902 bulan yang lalu

    The MacBook: *dies* Ken: oof i can help The MacBook: BEEEP BEEP BEEEP

  • Diowboss142
    Diowboss1423 bulan yang lalu

    I have a 2012 MacBook Pro and I used it around for a year and this never happened

  • Smiling face
    Smiling face3 bulan yang lalu

    I remember when I was a kid I would always have 2 pieces of paper and made a paper MacBook

  • Zach Peck
    Zach Peck3 bulan yang lalu

    My pins aren't broken, my plastic clip is. I broke it tying to replace the ram and now the ram won't clip in. I shimmed it to high he*l and now it boots but I can't be moved without kernel panicing. And to make things worse, NOBODY MAKES NEW CLIPS! why not they come off with four screws and break so easy!

  • 〪Yottento
    〪Yottento3 bulan yang lalu


  • 〪Yottento
    〪Yottento3 bulan yang lalu


  • 〪Yottento
    〪Yottento3 bulan yang lalu


  • 〪Yottento
    〪Yottento3 bulan yang lalu


  • KR Gaming X
    KR Gaming X3 bulan yang lalu

    I had this problem on my mid 2009 MacBook Pro I replaced the ram and the ssd and the hard drive it did not help in the end I just bought a new MacBook Pro

  • M owler
    M owler3 bulan yang lalu

    Ha ha I'm working on a 2012 macbook pro and this is exactly the same issues

  • Lawrence Clemente
    Lawrence Clemente3 bulan yang lalu

    1:55 why you said shit

  • Shiba Snacks
    Shiba Snacks3 bulan yang lalu

    I have a 2011 MacBook Pro But then it stopped working

  • lldankll
    lldankll3 bulan yang lalu

    Late 2011 macbook here, happened to mine

  • Wesley Mays
    Wesley Mays4 bulan yang lalu

    You know it's an ancient MacBook when the CPU, RAM, and storage aren't *all* soldered to the motherboard.

  • Jacob Alexander Tice
    Jacob Alexander Tice4 bulan yang lalu

    I have a refurbished 13 inch Mid 2012 MBP that I got from Marietta College and both RAM slots are still intact.

  • Random Aryan YT
    Random Aryan YT4 bulan yang lalu

    Me after watching the video: oh no I HAVE A MACBOOK PRO FROM 2012 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO tho i haven’t had the problem yet

  • Andrew Maulseed
    Andrew Maulseed5 bulan yang lalu

    I need help install serrria on my MacBook 2011

  • Something
    Something6 bulan yang lalu

    MacCheckerBook Pro

  • Brandin Morgan
    Brandin Morgan6 bulan yang lalu

    When my MacBooks opens it glicthes like crazy and beeps

  • Plane Playz
    Plane Playz7 bulan yang lalu

    3:09 Actually it should be a doctor name called Dr.Krazy Ken!

  • Rafsanjani Rabby
    Rafsanjani Rabby7 bulan yang lalu

    I face the same problem.I change ram but it is not still solve

  • brydon Jackson
    brydon Jackson8 bulan yang lalu

    *cyba_hack on iG* Fixed mine successfully he is legit

  • brydon Jackson
    brydon Jackson8 bulan yang lalu

    *cyba_hack on iG* Fixed mine successfully he is legit

  • brydon Jackson
    brydon Jackson8 bulan yang lalu

    *cyba_hack on iG* Fixed mine successfully he is legit

  • brydon Jackson
    brydon Jackson8 bulan yang lalu

    *cyba_hack on iG* Fixed mine successfully he is legit

  • Clark Bennett
    Clark Bennett8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you! Thought my old MBP was toast, but I got her running again thanks to your video!

  • Rex_tc Minecraft
    Rex_tc Minecraft8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank god I have a 2017 macbookpro

  • Kelly Schwenderman
    Kelly Schwenderman8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you so much! I’m usually good at figuring out tech issues.. replaced my HD no problem. But when my Mac wouldn’t start up and just beeped at me I had no idea what to do! All I was doing was looking up quilting fabrics (yep.. 29 year old super quilter (: needless to say my Mac is now back up and running and I’m ordering fabrics again! The same solution worked for me, only using the top slot. Thanks so much!

  • Giulio
    Giulio8 bulan yang lalu


  • The Screem Regular
    The Screem Regular8 bulan yang lalu

    that Mac isn’t feeling so good

  • Arcadios V
    Arcadios V8 bulan yang lalu

    so I ended up her because I have a similar issue with my Air... not the same thought,it boots and runs.. but at random I get similar bars all across there screen, mine aren't black, mine are all random colours. it freezes, shuts down and sometimes boots back up on its own, and sometimes not... I read that it could be the logic board... that's really scary-

  • nie_mam_pomysłów
    nie_mam_pomysłów8 bulan yang lalu

    R R *T P O S E* sample text * b e e p * eDiT: tHaNkS fOr 15000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lIkEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry i wanted just to have very long comment

  • nie_mam_pomysłów


    8 bulan yang lalu

    Noob Animation yes but i wanted very long comment

  • Noob Animation

    Noob Animation

    8 bulan yang lalu

    you good?

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes8 bulan yang lalu

    B E E P B E E P B E E P

  • Watter
    Watter8 bulan yang lalu


  • Barbara J.
    Barbara J.9 bulan yang lalu

    the flicker is faster than you blink

  • Foizun NIL S Gamer
    Foizun NIL S Gamer9 bulan yang lalu

    Me: clicks on video Computer on video 11:34 : **glitches**

  • 4TechGuns
    4TechGuns9 bulan yang lalu

    I thought 3 beeps meant "Incompatible RAM type"

  • Hypercube


    4 bulan yang lalu

    Usually it does mean that.

  • Lucia Sabino
    Lucia Sabino9 bulan yang lalu

    I have the sameeeee probleeeeemmmmm

  • Windows 7Pro2009
    Windows 7Pro20099 bulan yang lalu

    Those checkered flags on the screen are giving me seizures.

  • Brandon!
    Brandon!9 bulan yang lalu

    hello, "👍Someone". how are you today?

  • John Nicolas
    John Nicolas9 bulan yang lalu

    Glad i live in europe where you can return almost anything for 2 weeks

  • Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR2020
    Saturniun YT Tech AKA WEPR20209 bulan yang lalu

    Maybe the RAM got too overclocked.

  • Sylvia Barnes
    Sylvia Barnes10 bulan yang lalu

    You're a life saver! Just tried this on my old clunker Mac which has a RAM issue. Followed your trial and error method and it looks like the bottom slot is a bit damaged. Have taken RAM out've that one and voila! I can now get all my docs off it. Phew. Keep up the good word Ken!

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    10 bulan yang lalu

    Glad it worked!

  • Diamond Man
    Diamond Man10 bulan yang lalu

  • nrkaadwaaHD
    nrkaadwaaHD10 bulan yang lalu


  • Arlisbloxer05
    Arlisbloxer0510 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone else feel like that might not have been the real newegg support?

  • Thomas Caswell
    Thomas Caswell10 bulan yang lalu

    uhh the SODIM mechanism is a pc thing that apple copied not vice versa XD

  • Nagito
    Nagito10 bulan yang lalu

    I love how ken doesn't care how long a vid takes to get out

  • Jason Wolf

    Jason Wolf

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Yes "licks fingers"

  • Jackson Blouin
    Jackson Blouin10 bulan yang lalu

    My mid 2012 mbp did the same thing. I put a piece of folded paper between the ram slots and never had a problem again

  • Someone else
    Someone else10 bulan yang lalu

    Are those dollar tree screw driver

  • Custmzir
    Custmzir10 bulan yang lalu

    Did you mean the Rectifyaaaahhhh

  • KoboldCantations
    KoboldCantations10 bulan yang lalu

    Ahh, The new MacOS Barcode for POS use.

  • Diamond Man
    Diamond Man10 bulan yang lalu


  • Windows 7 Ultimate
    Windows 7 Ultimate11 bulan yang lalu


  • ROM
    ROM11 bulan yang lalu

    I was expecting more from this lol.

  • Carson24able
    Carson24able11 bulan yang lalu

    FINALLY a video that explains how to fix this. Been holding onto mine for 2 years without knowing how to fix. Funny that it was as simple as "remove bottom RAM" lol. Anyway, THANK YOU

  • Useless uselessness
    Useless uselessness11 bulan yang lalu

    I have a laptop just like this model, just some context it works

  • 8anoS Yiampa
    8anoS Yiampa11 bulan yang lalu

    Try this, may help.

  • Arshad Nakeem
    Arshad NakeemTahun Yang lalu

    I did the same thing one day earlier before I watch your video....boom it works ....happy at last I found the same thing in you tube what I have done ...many said change your logic board ...any way thanks dude,,,

  • Amiel Ganaden
    Amiel GanadenTahun Yang lalu

    Hey, I'm just wondering... is it ok to use only 2gb of RAM on top slot? I can't go outside because of the COVID-19. Can somebody tell me the pros and cons using only 2gb of RAM in my 2012 Macbook Pro FYI (I'm not that into techs)

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    11 bulan yang lalu

    It’s just gonna be really slow

  • Furret
    FurretTahun Yang lalu


  • German Hernandez
    German HernandezTahun Yang lalu

    During this quarantine I worked on my Mac (I had this issue for over a year). Looks like the logic board cracks sometimes internally (by loads of moving it, weight, etc) and the pins start failing. I took it to the "Genius" bar and they told me it was worth nothing. I worked on it a little bit and finally made it work, however if I move it it happens again. I haven't tried the one ram approach but will do it. P.S. In some angles (Horizontal Scree, vertical Keyboard) it runs nice and smooth

  • Hypercube
    HypercubeTahun Yang lalu

    Macintosh POST errors New World Macs (1999 - Onward) 3 beeps: No good banks Intel-based Macs 3 short beeps repeating every 5 seconds: Incompatible RAM types

  • Caden Braunstein
    Caden BraunsteinTahun Yang lalu

    Is the motherboard failure

  • askewkea08
    askewkea08Tahun Yang lalu

    3:13 - 3:17 the best part

  • Toru the Red Fox
    Toru the Red FoxTahun Yang lalu

    I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro that I use every day and runs 24/7 the only issues I've had with hardware was the fan bearing dying and my MagSafe literally melting and giving me a burn maybe the "runs 24/7" part has something to do with the RAM slot still being fine because the heat makes the solder able to move around slightly and not break off or something?

  • Mutant
    MutantTahun Yang lalu

    Krazy Ken definitely knows how to create a moment of suspense

  • Nick Li
    Nick LiTahun Yang lalu

    Your intro is insanely good

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Thank you : )

    AK RULESTahun Yang lalu

    I changed the RAM but still have the black bars what do I do?



    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Computer Clan Yes I finished the video all they way through and left one stick in the top slot only and it works now, thank you for the video. Also would you think its worth it to buy an 8gb ram stick to put in the one slot that works

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    The pins on the board are probably bad. They will need to be soldered or you can get a new board.

  • DigitalSparky
    DigitalSparkyTahun Yang lalu

    I recommend chatting to Louis Rossman if you can, he'll fix this type of thing in a heartbeat. (i realise my comment is 3 months late, so this is mostly here for others looking for a solution to their similar issue).

  • Her0019
    Her0019Tahun Yang lalu

    I have a mack book uni body from 2010, i was poking around and opening stuff up, when i pulled out the ram. Later that day i booted it up and it started beeping. Realised it was because the ram wasnt pushed all the way in

  • New The Hedgefox
    New The HedgefoxTahun Yang lalu

    Ken: How are you doing? Me: My grandma is dead. Ken: Really. That's just great!

  • EndOfLineTech
    EndOfLineTechTahun Yang lalu

    someone sent their computer, they use for school, to this guy, for over a month, just to find out it has a ram issue, that they could of easily figured out and probably already knew, and could of found the actual cause with a google search, just to get it sent back with a sticky note saying "something is wrong with your ram :)"... Really??? Thats kinda shitty... why would anyone send anything too this guy for "repair" when he won't even charge a removable cmos battery to get something to work?

  • Hikari
    HikariTahun Yang lalu

    Hoooooooold on... ya pop the ram out, and you go "look how easy that was. that little bit of 'apple touch'"? Excuse me? Thats how 99% of laptops RAM pops out... there's absolutely nothing 'apple' or 'special' about that...

  • Nandor
    NandorTahun Yang lalu

    Love the Blues emblem!!!!!

  • Sticks
    SticksTahun Yang lalu

    Ken, Not ESD safe. OOF

  • NiepoprawnyNick
    NiepoprawnyNickTahun Yang lalu

    On my 2012 it was upper pins for bottom slot which weren't reaching the ram causing the screen tearing and crashes. they are under this rubber spacer on the ram slot. You can push them little and this will solve the issue in some cases. The ram slot is poorly designed unfortunately which under some conditions during ram movement push the pins out till they loose contact ;)

  • RubyUmbreon
    RubyUmbreonTahun Yang lalu

    I have a 2011 MBP 13" and i'm now terrified this is going to happen to me, I mean, my logic board also has corrosion because the previous owner spilled something on it, but now I have a second thing to worry about... yay

  • achnaton duman
    achnaton dumanTahun Yang lalu


  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    How so?

  • Spunkmire
    SpunkmireTahun Yang lalu

    repair the board, more like apple replaces the motherboard

  • Ye Old Geezer
    Ye Old GeezerTahun Yang lalu

    Why does druaga1 have two channels?

  • trumpchungus
    trumpchungusTahun Yang lalu

    It's a 2015 mackbook pro

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    The model name is 2012, but yes, this was one of the revisions. The revisions were silent, and didn’t have a new user-facing name.

  • Aleksander Kysiak
    Aleksander KysiakTahun Yang lalu

    3:44 "floating around in the Nether somewhere" That must be a reference to Minecraft.

  • Askew Kee90

    Askew Kee90

    2 bulan yang lalu


  • Jakub Korba

    Jakub Korba

    10 bulan yang lalu

    *fireball explosions intensify*

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay BrooksTahun Yang lalu

    How have i never seen this channel?

  • New The Hedgefox

    New The Hedgefox

    Tahun Yang lalu

    @Computer Clan me also is new.

  • Computer Clan

    Computer Clan

    Tahun Yang lalu

    Glad you’re here, now! Feel free to binge our other episodes ; )

  • Christian Walker
    Christian WalkerTahun Yang lalu

    My 2012 MBP works fine.

  • Vincent V
    Vincent VTahun Yang lalu

    I had the same issue with my 2012 13 1278 MacBook Pro. The upper slot is through hole soldered and the bottom slot is BGA soldered. The BGA solder balls are known to crack. I was able to fix mine with some flux and a heat gun. Make sure you put tinfoil around the slot so it doesn't get melted by the heat gun. Only the balls should be exposed to the heat gun. It can take up to three minutes of heating to reflow the balls. The logic board is designed to absorb heat. You will need to remove the cpu heatsink, speaker and the Sticker with the serial number. Let the board cool for at least 10 minutes before reinstalling.

  • Dhruv Behl
    Dhruv BehlTahun Yang lalu

    How much deitatewed wam is needed to server?