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The RangeXTD is claimed to have been invented by a "quantum physicist," so it HAS to be good, right? Apparently, this device can help you take back control from greedy Internet companies-and the "totally legit" reviews seem to back that claim up! Let's see how well it really works…
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Krazy Ken's Tech Talk - RangeXTD - Not 100% a Scam, But Very Fishy
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  • Computer Clan
    Computer Clan3 bulan yang lalu

    Enjoy the new episode! Special thanks to ⚡️ Anker for sponsoring this episode! And huge thanks to Joe's Computer Museum for helping write this episode. Check out his channel here: iddown.info

  • Mason Gaming

    Mason Gaming

    2 bulan yang lalu

    prickly 100 dislikes

  • Silverfiche


    2 bulan yang lalu

    Possibly the 4.6 is an Amazon metric thing. Say 4.5 and above rating items get better search hits. Hint; Amazon has a search filter for rating level

  • Jeandre F

    Jeandre F

    2 bulan yang lalu

    Can you check out the Carly device that plugs into your car...

  • Everett Vinzant

    Everett Vinzant

    2 bulan yang lalu

    The magic formula for your stars question is ease of computing the “fix”. Generate four 5 star ratings for every 3 star rating. A two star rating and a four star rating = a three star rating (so compensate for the two or four first, then compensate for the three twice as it is the average of two numbers so 10 five star ratings). Generate 2 four star ratings for every 1 star rating. Then do the 3 star rating trick (3 numbers * 5 for a total of 15 needed 5 star ratings). It’s easy to keep the 9.6 perfect. Pretty simple program/set of directions. You don’t WANT to be at 100%, everyone knows you can’t please all the people all the time. So less than 100% but above 90% looks convincing. Convincing + easy to achieve consistently = profit.

  • Chronon


    2 bulan yang lalu

    Just read the mediocre to negative reviews and ignore the total score. You'll see if people are complaining for nothing or for a good reason not to get that product.

  • Gary welsh
    Gary welsh2 jam yang lalu

    You have just saved my life an my money. Thumbs up well reserved sir. I would really like a device that could actually boast my internet speed from from router/service provider. Any recommendation?

  • Gamer Laug
    Gamer Laug14 jam yang lalu

    i got a rangextd ad before the video plays its the same ad that krazy ken showed in the video lol

  • Geoff Strickler
    Geoff StricklerHari Yang lalu

    Simple rule...whenever practical, run wired connections. 1Gb ethernet is cheap and usually easy, and will always outperform a WiFi repeater/mesh. Lower latency, more reliable, and throughput will (almost) always be faster. It can’t make your internet connection any faster than you’re provider allows, but it won’t slow it down, so it may result in faster real-world results. This applies not only to desktop/laptop computers, but to game consoles, streaming media devices, etc. use WiFi when wired is impossible or impractical.

  • Thedoctor133
    Thedoctor133Hari Yang lalu

    At $99 I would recommend going and getting a repeater that is made by a bigger company. I had one for years from the same company that made my router, and it worked fairly well. It wasn't as fast as the normal WiFi, but for boosting the connect ability of the router to another room it worked wonders.

  • Southeast Missouri Weather
    Southeast Missouri Weather2 hari yang lalu

    I have a $20 repeater and it has worked fine for 8 years.

  • John Akass
    John Akass2 hari yang lalu

    Thank you - i decided to buy Mesh which works

  • David Cantwell
    David Cantwell2 hari yang lalu

    Thank you.

  • Zohar Modifier
    Zohar Modifier3 hari yang lalu

    Because 99.9% are idiots who doesn't think using their brain :)

  • James Beard
    James Beard4 hari yang lalu

    I think it's a good rule of thumb to assume that any product that you see advertised on Instagram is a rip off at some level and avoid them ...

  • Sgt Rock 68
    Sgt Rock 686 hari yang lalu

    Well just so long as you don't need an extender then...

  • Mario Mann
    Mario Mann6 hari yang lalu

    Here in Germany the backstory ist a little different...here there were two guys working for a greedy internetcompany and they loathed their business practice...and invented this BS-Device

  • Jeff Scheel
    Jeff Scheel7 hari yang lalu

    That's not fair because you ran your first test connected to a 5G connection and the extender is likely only 2.4g.

  • CamTizzle
    CamTizzle8 hari yang lalu

    Instead of reviews. They should give us a (ACCURATE) count of how many ppl have PURCHASED the product.

  • Imaginary Parsnip
    Imaginary Parsnip8 hari yang lalu

    isnt 4.6 some kind of constant in maths, something to do with that pretty spikey circle thing on a 2d plane, or was it 4.9? or 0.49, its annoying me that i dont remember the name of it, it was a really pretty pattern

  • Imaginary Parsnip
    Imaginary Parsnip8 hari yang lalu

    ive come across the same type of ads, they have them tailored to countries, im in ireland, and the ad i came across was talking about an irish internet company and a guy and his friend left to bring unlimited internet to everyone blah blah blah, its annoying how its tailored

  • TheOftedal
    TheOftedal9 hari yang lalu

    I would never connect a device like this to my home network, you never know what dodgy software they are running, and they could be full of malware/spyware.

  • JusJay
    JusJay10 hari yang lalu

    Thanks For The Info Man!!👍👍 I Was Super Close In Buying It... What's The Name Of The Router You Got?

  • Grxxn
    Grxxn10 hari yang lalu

    "made by a quantum physicist" i didnt even know that, the ad i a got said it was made by two computer engineers lmao

  • djacid
    djacid10 hari yang lalu

    iv just seen one of theses adds via you youtube vid, yeah it sucked me in at first , but i thought id just look it up on youtube and came across your video , thank you for the info and saved me splashing out on this item. again thank you

  • Vera H. Davey
    Vera H. Davey10 hari yang lalu

    I just got an updated version of this ad the xtd was now created by two “computer scientists” who were sick of the “money-grabbing” company they worked for. They discovered that internet providers were intentionally slowing internet connections to force customers to upgrade their package/replace their hardware and have finally discovered a way to bypass this corporate scam

  • Nark of Mexico
    Nark of Mexico11 hari yang lalu

    Just saw a new advert for this on IDdown

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram11 hari yang lalu

    I have been exposed to so many scams in a long life I barely buy anything, and trust no one. However it is people like you that gives me faith as to a genuine buy. Thanks for these videos, subscribed.

  • Lars Hansson
    Lars Hansson11 hari yang lalu

    It's "internet engineers" who got "disgusted with ISP practices" in the ad I've seen. I might be wrong but I swear the ad talked about nanotech.

  • Toad Phillips
    Toad Phillips11 hari yang lalu

    My internet is only 30Mbps, It works fine for everything I use it for. And it is dirt cheap. 🤫

  • Mircea Gorcsa
    Mircea Gorcsa11 hari yang lalu

    YOu are very good, thx.

  • Sven w
    Sven w12 hari yang lalu

    It seems everywhere in the world, people have more and more issues with WiFi range of their home set-up. I think since more and more people are using smart tv's ruins the internets stability to begin with,also more and more people are using wifi boosters nowadays, which is a stopgap really, cuz if i scan now , i get 50 networks, vs 20 networks 5 years ago and all wifi signals are only on 2 frequencies too.

  • one-stop killing
    one-stop killing13 hari yang lalu

    I assumed it was a scam right as it said you just had to plug it in and it works without needing to connect to your internet on the ad i saw And its more sketch since he saw a different ad with a different story then the one i saw

  • Salah
    Salah14 hari yang lalu

    the 5g blockers are just 1MB USB DRIVES according to some other youtubers

  • Albert Espinosa
    Albert Espinosa14 hari yang lalu

    its just a repeater :D

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines15 hari yang lalu

    it probably came from the same factory that produces bogus power saving devices duping stupid people out of hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on how many they bought). The sad thing is I sometimes see IDdown ads for those bogus devices!! To me that is only a sign that even IDdown and Google don't seem fully aware of those bogus devices (which do nothing at at!!)

  • Neee
    Neee15 hari yang lalu

    or just buy one from a company what isnt what bs

  • David Cote
    David Cote17 hari yang lalu

    First things first; I NEVER trust five star reviews, I read the ones and two star reviews. Second; I saw an ad for a repeater, and the buffering stopped the second it was plugged in. OK repeaters do work, like you said they have been around for 20+ years. Never have I seen one the second you plug it in. It has to startup, connect, and the device you want to use the repeater has to connect and start using it. Takes minutes, not the second you plug it in. BS detectors should be going off for any product the more they "are astounded" by the way it works. The better they claim it works, the less likely it will work.

  • Tony Snyder
    Tony Snyder19 hari yang lalu

    not sure if integer is the right word. if zero through five is the range?; is anything lower (or possible) other than a 4.6 possible if the system reacts to anything with a flood of fives?

  • Eduardo Torres
    Eduardo Torres20 hari yang lalu

    No lo compres porque no acelera la senal segun lo anuncian.

  • René Keller
    René Keller21 hari yang lalu

    Check out the mio ryoko mobile router

  • will triumph
    will triumph21 hari yang lalu

    Not over dramatic though. Internet companies ARE evil.

  • James
    James21 hari yang lalu

    These are advertised in youtube videos; probably yours. Amazon reviews are reliable if you discount 5 and 4 star reviews.

  • Slimebojr
    Slimebojr21 hari yang lalu

    I need one I get terrible speeds in my bedroom

  • C'Laudel #RIGHTEOUS
    C'Laudel #RIGHTEOUS22 hari yang lalu

    I'm in PR and wifi has very lil access... I bought two of these and despite of all that mumble , well it works for me and at a pretty good speed. Sorry if you didn't experience the same I do. Such is love

  • May Sparkle
    May Sparkle22 hari yang lalu

    Was that "join the movement" line a deliberate reference to the MVMT watches drop-shipping scam, or just a funny coincidence?

  • Terry Goyan
    Terry Goyan23 hari yang lalu

    A scam advertisement that I keep getting on IDdown is for the super high tech monopod with optics better than thousand dollar telescopes! I'm big into photography and know that with optics you get what you pay for. Clearly a $99.00 monopod invented at "Joe" Hopkins University is nothing but crap.....

  • Terry Sutherland
    Terry Sutherland23 hari yang lalu

    One of the things that makes you legitimate is that you do buy and review the products you suspect of fakitude. I'm glad you're here to do it so I can just watch, and not have to do it for myself.

  • John S
    John S23 hari yang lalu

    Also, a real engineer or maker would never use that $5 digital multimeter (DMM) to do anything real. That had to be fake footage of the creator.

  • Skyler Azzuolo
    Skyler Azzuolo23 hari yang lalu

    They stole the IE e because that's what the tech illiterate associate with internet, they want to make sure that it's not returned because somebody got confused.

  • malcolmr3
    malcolmr323 hari yang lalu

    That’s why I immediately look for the worst reviews and then filter out the ones that are just idiots that don’t understand what they’re getting.

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett24 hari yang lalu

    I live in a travel trailer full time and wireless internet access is a problem. The cable modem is located in a small game room in the center of the 40-foot trailer, and a small Intel NUC computer is connected to the living room TV in the back of the trailer. Now I've gone through numerous USB wireless network adaptors and none of them worked well. I would lose the internet about every 5 to 10 minutes and have to reset the device to get the internet back. In addition, I work from home and have two devices that don't have wireless but require them to be connected via Ethernet. This means I have Ethernet cables strung around the trailer. So I broke down and bought four power line adaptors which use the 110 volt house wiring for the Ethernet. I have one connected to the cable modem and three others connected to the devices in my trailer (Intel NUC, work devices, and a PS4 in the bedroom). The models I got are rated at 2 Gbit/second and I've had no problems streaming HD videos with them. $200 well spent. And it also eliminates the snowbirds that come down to Arizona in the winter from saying, "Hey, can I tap into your WiFi? I'm only gonna be down here for a couple of months and I don't wanna buy cable." I'm not going to mention brand names in case I get accused of being an advertiser but devices that network through house wiring are common and can be ordered online through all the regular electronic channels. But order well-known brand names rather than El Cheapo knockoffs, otherwise you may be sorry.

  • Mira Smit
    Mira Smit25 hari yang lalu

    When reading reviews always read the bad ones....

  • DM
    DM25 hari yang lalu

    disliked for saying wired AP is the way to go. i use wireless repeater, and it works great. just dont buy those cheap repeater. i bought routers that i turned into wireless repeater. and its awesome. no wires everywhere.

  • xuser48
    xuser4826 hari yang lalu

    All my IT-equipment is wired. No Wifi.

  • raul22ir
    raul22ir26 hari yang lalu

    Alot of the time when you receive a product from Amazon, like cables or other no name products, they offer you a gift card worth more than the product for a 5 star review which i find odd. It feels like a payment for giving a fake review.

  • John Tray
    John Tray27 hari yang lalu

    A friend of mine received 7 product from Amazon sellers in 2020 on the understanding they can write a review in my friends name

  • FennecTECH
    FennecTECH27 hari yang lalu

    You can also DIY a repeater with a dual band router. Use the 5g for the radio link and the 2g for the rebroadcasted signal. Youll get significantly better bandwidth.

  • AlkQubit
    AlkQubit27 hari yang lalu

    Wired access points and repeaters are for plebes, use a mesh system/router.

  • JimA Anders
    JimA Anders27 hari yang lalu

    This guy in the picture is an "Electrician Trainee". Not even a real scientist. For a real scientist you have to have some oscilloscopes and Giessler tubes in the background. Unbelievable. At least it didn't burn your house down...so there. It could have been worse.

  • Barking Doggai
    Barking Doggai28 hari yang lalu

    I have a simple mantra that keeps me safe from trumped-up scams. IF IT’S PROMOTED (AND BOUGHT) ON THE INTERNET IT IS TRUE THERE’S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE.

  • W Bertie
    W Bertie28 hari yang lalu

    Online reviews and ratings can be useful. If a product has dozens of poor reviews and the complaints are reasonably long and informative, then I avoid it. If a product has good reviews I will then look at the number and then how detailed the positive reviews are. If the only positive review is "my five year old grandson loved it, five stars" with no actual product-specific comments and it's an angle grinder and that reviewer left short comments for several other products on the same day I'm going to skip over that product.

  • Nick Van Dyke
    Nick Van Dyke28 hari yang lalu

    Gosh, I'm a ' gull,a,bull' i almost bought this and the vids and reviews almost had me. I'm a fortune 5 company programmer and thought I was smarter! Thank you! ❤

  • Jayanth Devaraneni
    Jayanth Devaraneni29 hari yang lalu

    our router is only 20-50 mbps

  • John Randle
    John Randle29 hari yang lalu

    I saw one of your earlier videos about monocular I would call them viewfinders their's no way these monoculars can zoom for those advertised on u tube to see those distances close up as you say absolute b s buyer beware of companies over egging their product.

  • Caleb Mooneyham
    Caleb MooneyhamBulan Yang lalu

    Couldn't these site, especially on the scale of a site like amazon, be laid out in a way that you can only leave ONE review AFTER you have purchased a product? even if its a link you get on your invoice email like digitally downloadable content. That way the only people that can leave reviews are people that own the product. Sure you can make the argument that there are ways to breach the security of that, but there are was to breach the security of EVERYTHING on the internet and we still use the internet. Just a thought

  • David Carter
    David CarterBulan Yang lalu

    With the design of repeaters having to receive and then resend wireless packets they will always slow down any wireless connection, it is always worthwil testing them in AP or Router mode to see if they are even capable of the speeds they suggest when not repeating wireless

  • Gilbert Cabigas Almazan
    Gilbert Cabigas AlmazanBulan Yang lalu

    did dud lit

  • ambioris 17
    ambioris 17Bulan Yang lalu

    Rangerxtd es una porquería No aumenta la velocidad Es un engaño

  • FelixJavier Santos
    FelixJavier SantosBulan Yang lalu

    Hi. Did someone got any luck with the WPS of this seudo repeater ?

  • john issa
    john issaBulan Yang lalu

    so this is a good product?

  • enilenis
    enilenisBulan Yang lalu

    There is this old woman whom I see walking around with a board and a bunch of cell phones velco'd to it. I was always curious what it is she was doing. I think she might be a click farmer.

  • The Vgamer
    The VgamerBulan Yang lalu

    Who tf in their right mind would name their product Rangextd? Sound awfully lot like ranged std. Miss me with that shit

  • MustNotSleep MustWarnOthers
    MustNotSleep MustWarnOthersBulan Yang lalu

    I use deco to get the wifi to the shop outback and faster speeds in the basement, plug and play and not overly expensive.

  • Klaus Heissler
    Klaus HeisslerBulan Yang lalu

    I have an Anker powerhouse, it has lasted me years. Love Anker. ❤️❤️

  • Emtar23
    Emtar23Bulan Yang lalu

    I agree on the written reviews, I always get a second source.


    Having poor WiFi coverage in your 2000+ sq/ft home is a hell of a first world problem .

  • draggy76
    draggy76Bulan Yang lalu

    that's why if you're a smart consumer, you ignore the 5stars, mostly. and look at the 4 and below stars, see the possible bugs risks and bullshittery then take a chance if you're going to buy it or not.

  • James Morgan
    James MorganBulan Yang lalu

    In my day we used a Pringles tube.

  • Eric Hurt
    Eric HurtBulan Yang lalu

    When looking for reviews examine the outliers, good and bad; I expect to see the odd crazy, who's smashed a HD and wants revenge, and the odd 'newbie' that is clueless. In between I suppose a normal distribution has to exist; but always check the reviews, then check the spec. I've seen the router extender ads, which as you say recruit people; why wouldn't an ISP want its customers know how to use their service properly? It makes them happier, it cuts down repeated bandwidth consuming failed attempts to execute an activity. As soon as I see no bad reviews, no clueless ones, and silly ads, I laugh. The worst ones of all are the 1 Tb micro SD cards on what I'll discreetly call 'Amazingon'. for £19. People do fall for them. Otherwise I'm lazy and don't wire up; I use powerline networking.

  • Lori Froese
    Lori FroeseBulan Yang lalu

    I'm sure you meant well when you said "Just do it properly and run cable." Well I live in a very large 100+ year old house (from a slum lord mind you) and I absolutely cannot make any sort of changes but then again if I could I'd put insulation into the walls while I was at.

  • Teddy in Japan
    Teddy in JapanBulan Yang lalu

    Using amazon? Fake spot has got your back

  • zyme
    zymeBulan Yang lalu

    I still use my wired APE for my houses distant end too, it's one model older than the Tower shaped design though (Dual-Band, 450mbit/s 802.11n)...

  • Aldo Cortes
    Aldo CortesBulan Yang lalu

    I usually go straight to the negative reviews that’s where you usually find the dirt

  • Rusty R3volva
    Rusty R3volvaBulan Yang lalu

    I use powerline adaptors for my internet. Hook it up to a 2nd router and no more weak signals. Works well and less cords as well.

  • Eric Hurt

    Eric Hurt

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Yes, that's what I do. I have a hub at the other end, in my lounge, et voila.

  • Daniel
    DanielBulan Yang lalu

    How is your internet so bad? In Hungary, in Eger I have 5gbps in those old soviet type residential building. And not just 5gbps download 2.5gbps upload... Man I though America was waaay ahead us in terms of connecting to the internet

  • James Dinius
    James DiniusBulan Yang lalu

    When looking at online reviews I check the lower ratings and if there is a through line (that clearly isn't user error) I don't buy.

  • Marcel Jöstingmeier
    Marcel JöstingmeierBulan Yang lalu

    Since a very unpleasent buy when i was i child, i do not trust anything i see advertised for a product, i don´t even filter for specific authors, because they all have their blind spots. And that is just okay, i just think, i have to make sure myself, that the product i want also suits my needs. A research can never be too long.

  • lojain albher
    lojain albherBulan Yang lalu

    haha, I was watching a video on Michael MJD and I got an ad for the ranger XTD and that video was not related to wifi! it was his office 2010 bootleg investigation part 2 on windows XP via my pal?! does youtube understand when scams are unveiled they need to stop making ads of the scammers?! oh, I am surprised how stupid people are!!! nobody on youtube watches you everyone on youtube needs to see your scam investigations can everyone agree?

  • not tellin
    not tellinBulan Yang lalu

    my bulshit meter going off at 5:00 going for emotion

    DENIS REEVESBulan Yang lalu

    To be fair to amazon I have been asked several times by Amazon as a proven buyer what I thought of the product and have rated them.

  • xCr8ivex
    xCr8ivexBulan Yang lalu

    Me who has an unstable connection that peeks at 76 download and 10 upload: ;_;

  • lone wrecche
    lone wreccheBulan Yang lalu

    I went on a rabbit hole once. Was much less interesting than going down one though.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco PoloBulan Yang lalu

    Considering your router speed with that crap speed, I wouldn’t $20 for it.

  • Frank Wittig
    Frank WittigBulan Yang lalu

    from the web ui this thing looks like a slightly newer version of the thing that i bought at Aldi for 18EUR two years ago. i used it to bridge my wifi to cable for a data dump in the basement which made the poor performance kinda acceptable. for almost 100 bucks that thing is a scam.

  • typograf62
    typograf62Bulan Yang lalu

    Fake reviews and the like are old stuff. They were used a lot for soap and magic medecinal remedies. Of a more recent kind I have met two examples. I once bought a broke matrixprinter from a colleague. I got it really cheap as it was broke (I fixed it by replacing an ic). Together with the printer that he had bought from our employer some time ago was the "papertrail". And included with that was a memo from the VP that this printer (a HP printer) was in line with the company's "Buy HP policy". It was a Danish company so an internal memo written in English (by an unnamed VP) was very revealing. The other thing happened sometime in the 80'ies. I got a letter, in an envelope, advertising some software. I assume that Byte had sold my address. Included in the letter was a photocopy of a very nice review from some magasine. It was visibly cut out with a scissor before being copied. Unfortunately the name of the magasine was never mentioned (but if it had existed it would have been visible on the remaining "article"). Clever.

  • Seventhday Savior
    Seventhday SaviorBulan Yang lalu

    300mb repeaters are garbage. I have one and it's shit.

  • Hammy Sammy
    Hammy SammyBulan Yang lalu

    I always go for 4 star reviews. I look at the downside mentioned and decide if I care about them or not.

  • Dmitry Dodzin
    Dmitry DodzinBulan Yang lalu

    Ah I wish my walls were wood too, bricks don't pass wifi that good

  • BartholomewJS
    BartholomewJSBulan Yang lalu

    This is exactly why I ALWAYS look at the 1 and 2 star reviews. I almost never look at the 5 or 4 star reviews. If you read bad reviews and you see only bullshit explanations by stupid people, you know the product can't be that bad!

  • N8rtotPlayz
    N8rtotPlayzBulan Yang lalu

    I give this video 4.6 out of five stars. Jk, I gave it a like. thanks for busting scams.

  • Antje Schroeder
    Antje SchroederBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for debunking!!!

  • J S
    J SBulan Yang lalu

    "Through walls, through closed doors". Yeah. You live in the US. They're made of paper.

  • None of your Business
    None of your BusinessBulan Yang lalu

    10:41 - That "5G Bioshield" stock image with bubble overlay is just hilarious: what you're gonna do inside that bubble _without reception??_

  • J Hill
    J HillBulan Yang lalu

    WiFi repeaters are, by the technology, slower than the connected router.