Can This Mac Open 6000 Google Chrome Tabs? - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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Can a 2013 MacBook Pro, with 16 GB of RAM, open 6,000 Google Chrome tabs? We're about to find out, in the most overly dramatic Google Chrome experience you will ever witness!
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Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures - Can This Mac Open 6000 Google Chrome Tabs?
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  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma6 hari yang lalu

    3:24 just buy windows 10. 😂😂😂

  • Mangondato Rayyan
    Mangondato Rayyan8 hari yang lalu

    can macbook pro m1 as 6 billion tabs in chrome?

  • Lotan
    Lotan25 hari yang lalu

    This dude is truly crazy

  • asus1738
    asus173826 hari yang lalu

    Mine can get 2 tabs

  • FOX G_ming
    FOX G_ming27 hari yang lalu

    i have a mac that has the same exact specs


    My Mac with 16 gigs: I don't open 6000 tabs a day A Windows 7 PC: crashes while watching world records

  • NikPlayz124
    NikPlayz124Bulan Yang lalu

    Please make this experiment on Mac OS X 10.1 Tiger!

  • Sky the Border Collie
    Sky the Border CollieBulan Yang lalu

    you can even do this in javascript ;-)

  • Super Splint
    Super SplintBulan Yang lalu

    If it can do that can it recreate Bad Apple in Chrome Tabs?

  • khaliil g2mer
    khaliil g2merBulan Yang lalu

    i have 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

  • Amartyya Das
    Amartyya DasBulan Yang lalu

    now do it with Firefox.

  • IntelliPocalypse
    IntelliPocalypse2 bulan yang lalu

    My grandmothers pc gets “pages unresponsive” with two tabs. Ass lol

  • Jassprit Singh Kalsi
    Jassprit Singh Kalsi2 bulan yang lalu

    I have an iMac 🖥 with 1.03 TB or storage and 4 GB of memory

  • j dubz
    j dubz2 bulan yang lalu

    I think a lot of it working is due to unused tabs being unloaded or not using any or minimal resources while they are not being actively viewed at least with chrome

  • Y_857
    Y_8573 bulan yang lalu

    2:27 Pause and see what website you get. Reply what you got. Why am i diong this? Honestly idk.

  • Wolfies Feathered Friends Friendly Birds
    Wolfies Feathered Friends Friendly Birds3 bulan yang lalu

    I had 6tb of ram and got to 9000 tabs and my MacBook crashed

  • Jayden Yates
    Jayden Yates3 bulan yang lalu

    my grandma's 2006 dell Inspiron: am I a joke to you?

  • Alexander George
    Alexander George3 bulan yang lalu

    Can This Mac Open 6000 Google Chrome Tabs? - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

  • cinnmaroller roll
    cinnmaroller roll3 bulan yang lalu

    i've been on a old mac at my school, (idk which) but the thing worked fine

  • Brodie Friesen
    Brodie Friesen3 bulan yang lalu

    Considering the Command Module Guidance System had 4KB of RAM, processing any words was pretty hard.

  • Heathrow Aviator
    Heathrow Aviator3 bulan yang lalu

    *the music*

  • i smell no pennys
    i smell no pennys3 bulan yang lalu

    iff i do this on my laptop with 4gb i can open up 7000 tabs

  • Leanne Curtis
    Leanne Curtis4 bulan yang lalu

    Windows i want to try to open 6000 tabs on chrome

  • Richa Baghel
    Richa Baghel4 bulan yang lalu

    your funny crazy ken

  • thomas donahoe
    thomas donahoe4 bulan yang lalu

    Chrome:opens 1000 tabs. MacOS:EXPLOSION INFESTATION.

  • TheGreenSplurge
    TheGreenSplurge4 bulan yang lalu

    you should try this with different browsers and see what happens

  • Shepherd Sam
    Shepherd Sam4 bulan yang lalu

    And here my smartphone crumbles into pieces when I have 100 tabs open at the same time. Pathetic.

  • Johnny Games
    Johnny Games4 bulan yang lalu

    Does a M1 Mac Hold this??

  • SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
    SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim4 bulan yang lalu

    took me 8 years to upgrade to an 8GB ram stick...

  • Emulated Excitement [Mountain State EAS]
    Emulated Excitement [Mountain State EAS]4 bulan yang lalu

    Meanwhile at my grandmother's house: this is child's play

  • Alright27
    Alright274 bulan yang lalu

    you should try this on m1 macbook air!

  • 8 Sucks At Everything
    8 Sucks At Everything4 bulan yang lalu

    " only 16 GB of ram " *cries in 4 GB*

  • Titiryu Chakraborty
    Titiryu Chakraborty4 bulan yang lalu

    When numbers move fast.. Chernobyl employees=😅

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna4 bulan yang lalu

    In ten years: Computer clan: opening 10 million tabs with 10 petabytes of ram

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon4 bulan yang lalu

    Poor people have 16GB RAM I have 32GB RAM, bit less poor

  • lojain albher
    lojain albher5 bulan yang lalu

    try it on MAC OS X JAGUIRE!

  • lojain albher

    lojain albher

    5 bulan yang lalu

    it never had compressed memory! I wanna see if you can reach 6000 tabs before it crashes

  • Jaiden Mercer
    Jaiden Mercer5 bulan yang lalu

    I got a Mac for my bday a few days ago and I dt know how to use one, please help

  • Ajay Randolph
    Ajay Randolph5 bulan yang lalu

    MacBook battery died in 1 hour

  • Margaret Hale
    Margaret Hale6 bulan yang lalu


  • Fat dog On sand
    Fat dog On sand6 bulan yang lalu

    im not going to try this because i dont have any backups so i dont want do destroy my pc.

  • Afonso Lopes
    Afonso Lopes6 bulan yang lalu

    thats literally online school

  • Andy Roblox
    Andy Roblox6 bulan yang lalu

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Computers

  • Silvy
    Silvy6 bulan yang lalu

    And then you remember those tabs arent active and loading. If they where your PC would simply lockup because RAM would get filled instantly and it would page until you run out of disk space.

  • ER09R TR605A3
    ER09R TR605A36 bulan yang lalu

    Minecraft:Don't Tp To 77373 5555 676 Mac OS:Okay?

  • C3B0
    C3B06 bulan yang lalu

    5:48 I’ve seen it turn red before in school when I had a ton of chrome tabs open. It didn’t crash though.

  • Plane Playz
    Plane Playz6 bulan yang lalu

    Did you see

  • MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro6 bulan yang lalu

    Nobody: Teachers: why is my computer so slow?

  • Matt25
    Matt256 bulan yang lalu

    I cant even open one

  • Gaming with fishy
    Gaming with fishy7 bulan yang lalu

    Holey shit

  • Windows7ForLife
    Windows7ForLife7 bulan yang lalu

    10M Tabs on my pc it has 1T Of ram

  • Lisa Seneca
    Lisa Seneca7 bulan yang lalu

    CLOSE THE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DinysChip
    DinysChip7 bulan yang lalu

    8 GB ram 6000 tabs Windows 10

  • Henry Ward
    Henry Ward7 bulan yang lalu

    Can I have the workflow?

  • The AA and GG Show
    The AA and GG Show7 bulan yang lalu

    Krazy ken: welp 4000 tabs is the most My grandma: How to Count past infinity

  • AmazingArends
    AmazingArends7 bulan yang lalu

    9:00 was just a visual representation of all the tabs you have open!

  • Prateek Singhal
    Prateek Singhal7 bulan yang lalu

    *Imagine forcing shutdown and clicking restore on chrome after logging back in*

  • Hypercube
    Hypercube7 bulan yang lalu

    I don't have a Mac, but I'm not risking this laptop. I'm surprised the Mac didn't have a kernel panic, and I wouldn't be surprised if I had a bug check when trying that on this.

  • Shane Playz Roblox
    Shane Playz Roblox7 bulan yang lalu

    I stopped to read the blue screen of death it’s not the same it’s just the doors have been shut down and did you pause to read this

  • SuperAviation 001
    SuperAviation 0017 bulan yang lalu

    Love how he got a TAM In the background

  • Zed
    Zed8 bulan yang lalu

    Ken just turned everyone's parents' computers into a youtube video.Come on man, can we get something we HAVENT seen before? Heh.

  • Lil Stinky
    Lil Stinky8 bulan yang lalu

    *Female Teachers Have Entered The Chat*

  • Swaffle
    Swaffle8 bulan yang lalu

    3:46 There's xvideos

  • Aarid2511 Gaming
    Aarid2511 Gaming8 bulan yang lalu

    7:27 at least it's a perfect 2999

  • Epicness In A Pan
    Epicness In A Pan8 bulan yang lalu

    16 is low? dog that's double my gaming laptops ram

  • Meme Pods
    Meme Pods8 bulan yang lalu

    1000 tabs on a 2007 MacBook with 1.5 GB of ram

  • alarmingly good games
    alarmingly good games8 bulan yang lalu

    I got 10,000 Pages open with only 16 gigabytes of RAM on my Mac which is also a laptop just like yours

  • Salima Alimohd
    Salima Alimohd8 bulan yang lalu

    Uh-oh the computer glitched but still it's cool the computer can open 3000 tabs

  • Abdallah
    Abdallah8 bulan yang lalu

    You should try it with Safari.

  • CityWitt
    CityWitt8 bulan yang lalu

    He has 1.5TB of ram, “we’re poor and only have 16”. Me* TB? Best clarify next time my good man

  • Nishanth Dommety
    Nishanth Dommety8 bulan yang lalu

    Me thinking 8 gig ram is a lot hearing 1.5tb ram and 16 gig ram is small WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?

  • Karidu Animations
    Karidu Animations8 bulan yang lalu

    When you can’t get more than 5999 tabs ;-;

  • Michal Gdula
    Michal Gdula8 bulan yang lalu

    What is the music that starts at around 1:29 called?

  • wiichicken
    wiichicken8 bulan yang lalu

    The highest number of tabs I've had open at the same time was 8.

  • Smart Uranus
    Smart Uranus8 bulan yang lalu

    20000 tabs my laptop can run

  • Christian
    Christian8 bulan yang lalu

    Yeah mine breaks at around 20 tabs...

  • Braxton Burtis
    Braxton Burtis8 bulan yang lalu


  • Ne_ La
    Ne_ La8 bulan yang lalu

    How my mom’s laptop be like:

  • MervinpaismakesWindows14
    MervinpaismakesWindows149 bulan yang lalu

    MacBook pro before: this is life(he is relaxing) Macbook pro after: AHHH HOW MANY TABS ARE THERE!!!!AHHHH!!! TOO MANY CHORME TABS AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!(LOL >:))

  • tacobellcry
    tacobellcry9 bulan yang lalu

    my computer when I run minecraft with shaders:

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson9 bulan yang lalu

    You think 16 is too little? My chrome book has 6.

  • Aiden Joo
    Aiden Joo9 bulan yang lalu

    So funny when Over 1000 tabs have spinning loadings

  • Mar Ya
    Mar Ya9 bulan yang lalu


  • Infinity 5000
    Infinity 50009 bulan yang lalu

    13:54 screen

  • Nicholas Gawler-Collins
    Nicholas Gawler-Collins9 bulan yang lalu

    "We're poor, so we only have 16 TB!" Yes, I know you meant GB, but I'm still laughing.

  • Creep 77
    Creep 779 bulan yang lalu

    10:50 think it was the numbers updating cus they were already rendered while all the sights we're loading and when you opened the script again it started loading the numbers that were loaded into wired ram

  • Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie Rodriguez9 bulan yang lalu

    Sh-word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Joshua Agaid
    Joshua Agaid9 bulan yang lalu

    Soft restart your pc

  • Rex_tc Minecraft
    Rex_tc Minecraft9 bulan yang lalu

    7:28 you don’t have to worry because the people with ocd already left when they found out about the price of their products

  • markste in
    markste in9 bulan yang lalu

    is that catalina or mojave?

  • alecman95
    alecman959 bulan yang lalu

    Can my 2017 mac open 3 Chrome tabs?

  • Barbara J.
    Barbara J.9 bulan yang lalu

    how to crash a pc: *open 6000 tabs*

  • Randalor
    Randalor9 bulan yang lalu

    When the RAM numbers just began updating very quickly in real time, I could swear it felt like the laptop was just glaring at the camera and working out of spite. "Open another thousand tabs. Just open another thousand tabs. Sure. Why not. Hey, you want to see how much I'm having to compress and access right now? SEE THIS? THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE MAKING ME DO."

  • jedd rose
    jedd rose9 bulan yang lalu

    I had 2tb of ram and I got to 7000 I broke my mac

  • GNU /🐧 🚀🌛 ₿
    GNU /🐧 🚀🌛 ₿9 bulan yang lalu

    I am poor too with only 64 GiB RAM and only 3900x, I run around 600 tabs quiet frequently, 300 at least, it never drops under 300, before that happens I'll use my session restore backups. It's running without any problem, 80 YT tabs working perfectly, all links waiting to get into some playlists or whatever. No lags, no negative whatsoever, except little long starting time of session restore after computer or browser restart. And it always starts everything in foreground, closing (minimizing) my 60 windows takes some time even with super key + alt + down arrow on my KDE Plasma desktop. (Brave Browser) I actually don't count the tabs directly, they are just soooo many split in soo many windows, all important stuff that has to be done, like spreading democratic communism. My current session (file) has at least 30 MiB... Nevermind, random comment, Greetings PS: Mac stinks like Satela

  • Joanna Lewis
    Joanna Lewis9 bulan yang lalu

    Virtual memory

  • brunoais
    brunoais9 bulan yang lalu

    My Firefox just flexes on 8000 tabs open with "just" 10GB of RAM used (yes, I did the test too) on linux

  • Samuel L. Foxton

    Samuel L. Foxton

    3 bulan yang lalu

    I have about 3000 tabs open on Firefox beta on my 2014 MacBook Pro with 16GB. It's a little slow at times but still usable, except when on a Zoom call and trying to work on something else (Google Meet is fine, Jitsi works but low frame rates)

  • callmehSpear
    callmehSpear9 bulan yang lalu

    i opened double

  • Satvik Agarwal
    Satvik Agarwal9 bulan yang lalu

    There's something wrong with our 16gb mac, because it uses 14gb with like nothing open.

  • Ralph Hunt
    Ralph Hunt9 bulan yang lalu

    i have 2gb of ram... maybe time to get rid of the Windows Vista pc?

  • Candor Cat
    Candor Cat9 bulan yang lalu

    NOOO my Mac white sucks and ur torturing a awesome machine ;(